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» Does Email Length Matter

» Email Metrics Demystified

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» Free Email Marketing Podcast & Presentation - On Tuesday, May 30th 2006, Simms Jenkins delivered a Webcast on Email Length & How to Increase Effectiveness of Your Email Campaigns. Click Here for reply and FREE presentation.

» Managing Email Marketing An Email Marketing Reports interview with Simms Jenkins. Click here for the full transcript.

» iMedia Summit - BrightWave Marketing Founder and Principle leads discussion at iMedia Connection's annual Agency Summit. Read what was discussed.


Stat Nuggets

» 70 percent of the top retail sites in Google's paid search listings offered email newsletters. JupiterResearch, March 2006

» Email Newsletters: Surviving Inbox Congestion:
  • 51 - Seconds average time allocated to a newsletter after opening
  • 19% - % of email newsletters that participants fully read
  • 3.1 - Average number of email accounts users maintained
    Jakob Nielsen's Usability Site

    » Forrester Research:
     - 95 % of companies use or are planning to use email as a marketing tool this year.
     - The average company sends 23 million e-mail messages per year.
     - The average company will lose 30 percent of its e-mail subscriber list per year.

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    The BrightWave Report Q2 2006
    Brent RosengrenWelcome to the Q2 2006 BrightWave Report. We hope you continue to find our quarterly installments helpful to you and your team. Tell us what you like, dislike or would like to read more of, and we'll give it to you - Click Here.

    Poll Results
    During a recent Webinar, presented by and featuring BrightWave Marketing's Principle and Founder Simms Jenkins, we were able to poll over 200 participants and ask them a few questions on how they viewed their email marketing efforts. We found the results very interesting and thought we'd share them with you. View the Results of the Poll Here.

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    Brent R. Rosengren, Manager of Client Services - 404.888.1113
    Looking to increase returns? Go digital

    Whether campaigns are sent to outside mailing lists or house files, marketers anticipate—and have seen—higher responses to their e-mail efforts than they have to traditional mailings, according to two studies by Direct magazine.

    Late last year, Direct asked readers what their response rates to traditional mailings had been during 2005. On average, outside lists generated a healthy mean response of 10.1%. Drops to house files did even better, at 16.6%.

    Not too shabby for a workhorse channel. But according to a new survey sponsored by Direct and Multichannel Merchant, e-mailings sent to outside lists achieved 17.8% response rates, while those targeting house files got 18.5% returns.  Click here to read more.

    State Kids’ No E-Mail Bills Dead

    The kids’ do-not-e-mail juggernaut that for the last year has threatened to wipe legal adult content out of electronic communications is grinding to a halt—at least for now. A bill in Georgia that would have established so-called child protection do-not-e-mail registry died in April. A similar bill in Connecticut was gutted. Similar bills in Iowa, Wisconsin and Hawaii are also either dead or languishing. Though child do-not e-mail registries in Utah and Michigan still pose significant threats to e-mail containing legal adult content, other states allowing their registry bills to die or gutting them indicates the tide may be turning in marketers’ favor.  Read the full article.

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    CAN-Spam Act
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    » Is E-Mail an Art or a Science?

    "Their passion for effective, successful email marketing sets them apart from other, more expensive, solutions."
    - Sherri Parman CFO, CoreNet Global
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    » Searchers Click on First Results Page, Move on
    » The Subsidy Cost of Paid Search
    » Google Launches AdWords Dayparting Feature
    » Older Adults Using Internet More, Traditional Media Less
    » Comparing direct email with Google AdWords

    Email Append Headlines

    » Email Addresses Found for 12 Percent on Snail Mail Lists
    » Benchmarks For Email Appending and Email Change of Address Services

    "BrightWave Marketing was selected based on its commitment to client service and its ability to provide detailed tracking mechanisms."
    - Jack Damico Managing Partner Matson, Driscoll & Damico

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