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» How to Spam-Proof Your Marketing Message

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» BrightWave Marketing Adds ACS to Client Roster

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» Email Metrics Demystified

» BrightWave Marketing Announces its Acceptance as a Platinum Member of the Email Experience Council (EEC)

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» Email Marketing Webcast: Strategies, Newsletters & List Growth - Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006 - 1pm EST. Join this panel of experts, including BrightWave Marketing's Simms Jenkins, for an event focused on email marketing.

» Managing Email Marketing An Email Marketing Reports interview with Simms Jenkins. Click here for the full transcript.

» iMedia Summit - BrightWave Marketing Founder and Principal leads discussion at iMedia Connection's annual Agency Summit. Read what was discussed.

Stat Nuggets

» Email Labs study reported users spend 15-20 seconds on each email they open.

» Promotional emails get about 15 seconds
Marketing Sherpa, 2005

» Readers spend an average of 51 seconds with email newsletters, typically skimming the contents."

» 19% of newsletters are read fully.
Nielsen Norman, 2006

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The BrightWave Report Q3 2006
Brent RosengrenBrightWave Blog and News Feed

In addition to our quarterly email newsletter, please feel free to visit the BrightWave Blog. You can now sign up for both the BrightWave Blog and BrightWave Marketing News via your RSS Reader. Here are some examples of the topics discussed:

- Highest ROI = 1% of Your Marketing Budget?
- Permission - the great unknown in many Email circles
- Big Plans for Email in 2007

Brent R. Rosengren, Manager of Client Services - 404.888.1113
2006 Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report

As the 2006 Holiday Season is upon us, Marketers look to the best performing programs to achieve their Q4 goals. WebTrends surveyed 300 Internet and multi-channel retailers about key trends and online strategies they are focusing on for the upcoming holiday season.

Overall, retailers ranked email marketing as the most important demand-generation activity for holiday success, with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking second and third. Click here to read the complete survey results.

Your Email Drives More Responses than you Think

Al Gadbut believes you probably have no idea the volume of sales your outbound e-mail drives. And, those unique Web addresses, 800 numbers and coupon codes some marketers use to track their e-mail efforts: They’re all just this side of useless, he says. Read the full article.

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Email Marketing Headlines

» The Ten Most-Ignored Best Practices
» Speakers Ponder How to Deliver on Email's Promise
» Restaurant Industry Leads Open Rates
» Email open rates guide
» Delivering the email - Small investment in email marketing creates big return
» Energizing Email
» Seems Somebody Is Clicking on That Spam
» Email Goes Viral
» Open Rates Highest On Saturdays
» Spam and Pharma Marketing
» 9 things they don't tell you about email marketing
» Starbucks Unknowing Creates Strong Viral Email Campaign

"We have found an attentive partner in BrightWave Marketing, and one that shares our vision for our client, efficiently reacts to our needs, and has helped us achieve great results as part of our overall marketing program."
- Hauser Group
Search Marketing Headlines

» Major Search Engines Split On Local's Place
» Search Execs: More Transparency Needed
» Search Inflation Likely
» Older Adults Using Internet More, Traditional
Media Less

» In web search, business is better than sex

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» Blogging for dollars
» Rate Base to include publications' website visits
» Magazines Going to the Web to Get Students to Read

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