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Client Spotlight: Martha Churchill - Cox Business Oklahoma

Martha Churchill
Retention Marketing Manager,
Cox Business Oklahoma

  1. How does your company leverage email marketing & digital targeted messaging?
    Cox Business Oklahoma began leveraging email marketing as a supplemental customer touch. We realized many high value customers only heard from us once a month -- when they received their bills! We needed to deliver messaging that carried richer educational messages and reinforced interactions with our sales execs. We have now grown beyond simply sending product and industry information and have begun offering invitations to special events, soliciting testimonials and survey participation followed up with thank-you messaging that rewards interactive behaviors.
  2. What has BrightWave added to your team?
    BrightWave has added virtual hands and brains to our small marketing team. The result is smarter communications instead of just more messaging. Customer and client feedback (from Sales, Customer Care, Public Affairs, Product Management and senior leadership) has been consistently positive.
  3. What are your most successful promotional partnerships with BrightWave? Any results you care to share?
    In late 2010 all Cox Business markets had an opportunity to invite our customers to a Cybersecurity webinar developed by an industry association. Our Oklahoma team chose to use e-Save-the-Date notices followed up by e-invitations and reminders the day before the webinar with follow-up e-thank you messaging to both attendees and registrants who did not attend. The Oklahoma team had far more participants than the next three markets combined!
  4. What is the best thing about BrightWave?
    The best thing about BrightWave is Ruth Mitcham. She is the most creative, positive and responsive customer engagement manager imaginable. She has never met a challenge that can't be addressed with multiple solutions. Even more amazing—she ALWAYS picks up the phone. We aren't sure if she is allowed to eat or sleep but we are sure she provides excellent customer service!
  5. What is your favorite part of your job?
    My favorite part of the job is measuring tangible effects of marketing efforts. Clearly, e-marketing offers more metrics to capture customer response than any other communications strategy. We always look forward to reviewing the reports Ruth sends so we can improve our results with the next campaign.

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BrightWave's invaluable insight has helped Chick-fil-A plan and execute its email communications strategy with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I consider BrightWave a critical part of our team.
- Michael McCathren, Interactive Digital Marketing, Chick-fil-A

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