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Client Spotlight: Richard Kadzis, CoreNet Global

Richard Kadzis
Director, Marketing and Membership, CoreNet Global

  1. How does your company leverage email marketing & digital targeted messaging?
    Email marketing is the cornerstone of our member communications platform, because we are a globally dispersed organization. Our network comprises over 6,500 individual members. They're based in over 55 cities worldwide. So finding an efficient medium to convey our wide array of benefits, programs and offerings is vital. We found email marketing is the most effective way to relate the total value of CoreNet Global as the world's leading association for corporate real estate people, as well as service providers and economic developers.
  2. What has BrightWave added to your team?
    CoreNet Global is a charter client of BrightWave Marketing, meaning that we were one of the first clients starting around 2003 when Simms Jenkins was launching the firm. So we saw the value from the ‘get go' so to speak. If there's one thing we learned early, it's the value of the client acceptance of the e-mail message. Our partnership with BrightWave has brought high levels of consistency in critical pieces of the model. Of course these include list quality and list hygiene, delivery rates, open rates, clicks through's – especially unique clicks, and unsubscribe rates. We've exceeded industry benchmarks for all these and other key metrics over the course of our 10-year relationship. That's a major accomplishment! Advising and informing of us on things like anti-spam regulations or legislation, even outside the U.S. in places like China, has also been invaluable.
  3. What are your most successful promotional partnerships with BrightWave? Any results you care to share?
    Our Global Summit promotions have been successful over time. We deliver five global summits annually around the world. They serve as a leading in-person meeting point for our otherwise dispersed network, so in a way they are the glue that holds together many of our relationships as a professional society. Time and again, BrightWave's expertise has helped us guide the design, customization and delivery of these campaigns.
  4. What is the best thing about BrightWave?
    Being associated with a leading-edge partner is the coolest thing for us. BrightWave is one of the thought leaders in the field of email marketing. It's an often misunderstood industry but BrightWave brings a lot of clarity and makes sense out of it. In fact, Simms' recent book on "The Truth About Email Marketing" says it all. Another nice aspect of this for me is my collaboration with Simms on dispelling and quantifying the often misused term "spam." Spam clearly applies to people who have not given you some form of permission to communicate with them. A crystallized understanding of this issue has helped us internally to dispel a lot of myths, because when someone becomes a member of an association, they have given you that permission until they unsubscribe. For us, that unsubscribe rate has remained well below even half a percent over time.
  5. What is your favorite part of your job?
    Working with our members, who do things around alternative workplace strategies, mobility, sustainable practices, community development and more – that's one for sure. But the opportunity to work with creative partners who help contribute to our overall success, like BrightWave – that's another important one, too.
  6. What is your preferred social network? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or old fashioned conversations?
    My preference is LinkedIn, which I've maximized fairly well. It's tough to maintain several social media site presences. I still like face-to-face or telephone interactions a lot, too! You can't replace direct contact on an individual level. But it helps to have an email platform that works and complements everything!

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