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ACS Your continued dedication and commitment is greatly appreciated. I can't say enough good things about your team and BrightWave's professionalism, dedication, and "above and beyond" commitment - it is outstanding! Jennifer Dillinger, PMP®, Executive Account Manager, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. - A Xerox Company

O'Charley's "We sought to partner with a firm who could help us maximize the program's potential. We looked at several agencies - at a local, regional, and national level - and strongly felt that BrightWave Marketing brought the most experience and the clearest strategic vision to the table." Wade Breaux, Director of Creative, O'Charley's

Chick-fil-A "BrightWave's invaluable insight has helped Chick-fil-A plan and execute its email communications strategy with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I consider BrightWave a critical part of our team." Michael McCathren, Interactive Digital Marketing, Chick-fil-A

Cox Business "BrightWave has done an excellent job with both the creative and the behind-the-scenes support work. The e-mails look exciting and inviting. I know our customers will be pleased and surprised. As always, BrightWave has been knowledgeable, easy and even fun to work with." Martha Churchill, Retention Marketing Manager, Cox Business Oklahoma

RaceTrac Petroleum "We understand the power of electronic communication and know BrightWave Marketing will deliver best in class components to our customer communication and interface for email and social media." Chris Passarell, Director of Marketing for RaceTrac Petroleum

Ted's Montana Grill "They (BrightWave Marketing) "get" us. They understand our brand, work seamlessly with our team, and they bring strong ideas to the table for leveraging email and digital targeting." Gena Weaver, Vice President of Marketing, Ted's Montana Grill

Naturally Fresh "BrightWave Marketing has done a great job of developing and implementing a program that will allow us to effectively communicate with our customers. We will utilize this program to tell our customers about new products and offerings, as well as to show them different ways our products can be used in their kitchens." David Federico, Marketing Manager, Naturally Fresh

iFLOOR "BrightWave Marketing was the right choice and their experience in this important specialty of email communication is unparalleled" Jeff Lindsey, Director of Sales at iFLOOR

Lowe's "Our team at Lowe's recently hired BrightWave Marketing to conduct an in-depth analysis of our email marketing efforts. The insights and deliverables were invaluable to our team. I can only extend the highest recommendation possible of BrightWave if you plan on developing a more impactful and profitable eCommerce business. We were beyond satisfied." Ken Ungaro, Email Specialist, Lowe's

CoreNet Global "BrightWave Marketing has done a wonderful job in efficiently leveraging our electronic communications to create seamless dialogue with our global members. Their passion for effective, successful email marketing sets them apart from other, more expensive, solutions." Sherri Parman, Chief Membership Officer, CoreNet Global

ACS "We chose BrightWave Marketing, Inc. because they were priced competitively, were responsive and knew what we needed. BrightWave has made the process incredibly easy." Chris Keith, Director of Operations for the Georgia Health Partnership, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. - A Xerox Company

GMAC "Simms [CEO of BrightWave Marketing] played a significant role in the development of the email marketing function at GMAC Insurance. He is an excellent listener, providing guidance based on our needs and opportunities. Simms is high on my list of email marketing experts." Kevin Keller, Vice President-Internet Marketing, GMAC Insurance

MDD "BrightWave Marketing was selected based on its commitment to client service and its ability to provide detailed tracking mechanisms that allow us to measure the success of each and every newsletter we distribute." Jack Damico, Managing Partner, Matson, Driscoll & Damico

Hauser Group "We have found an attentive partner in BrightWave Marketing, and one that shares our vision for our client, efficiently reacts to our needs, and has helped us achieve great results as part of our overall marketing program." Hauser Group

ACEP "The American College of Emergency Physicians worked closely with BrightWave Marketing to develop a viral email product as part of a campaign we are conducting to mobilize public support for legislation. BrightWave did a terrific job - very creative and customer service oriented - and we were delighted with the results we received from promoting the viral email." Laura Gore, Director of Public Relations, ACEP

Gourmet Station "All businesses, especially emerging ones, need powerful resources to grow. They need resources with range - from high level strategic talent to daily tactical know-how. This is what I found with BrightWave Marketing...strategic know how and the ability to dig into the details and make programs work on a tactical level. Now that's a powerful resource." Donna Lynes-Miller, Founder & President, GourmetStation

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati "BrightWave Marketing responds quickly to every request. After brief dialogue, Simms and the team deliver creative results on target with our brand. We've used BrightWave to develop several resources that our members enjoy. The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati believes that BrightWave Marketing has brought positive energy to our communications!" Rebecca Kelley, Director Financial Development, The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati

Turq Jewelry "BrightWave Marketing has helped us grow our mailing list from a piece of notebook paper to a database filled with thousands of people. They constantly come up with new and innovative ways to reach our customer base. Each member of the team is a pleasure to work with and is always there to help. They are always very responsive to our needs." Katherine Mulford, Co-Founder, Turq Jewelry

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BrightWave's invaluable insight has helped Chick-fil-A plan and execute its email communications strategy with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I consider BrightWave a critical part of our team.
- Michael McCathren, Interactive Digital Marketing, Chick-fil-A

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