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EiQ, the intelligent email gathering, is our newest brainchild and rapidly approaching liftoff. On March 30, in Atlanta, quite possibly the email capital of the world (more on that later), we will bring the digital marketing community together to celebrate the power of email and discuss which major trends are propelling the channel towards further greatness.

There will be no talks about whether or not email is dying. We will not debate the best day of the week to send emails or even what constitutes a good open rate. EiQ is built for email marketers of 2017 and beyond.

In fact, we created the event after witnessing, for the most part, a stale element in the email industry, specifically tied to thought leadership and annual conferences. Not to be disparaging of any of them, but we felt that they were underserving of the community and not really showcasing the true innovation and emerging leaders of our industry. We also felt they did not reflect the diversity of our industry. After some deep thoughts and brainstorming, EiQ was born to solve for these issues. Teaming up with a fantastic list of partners (thanks Adobe, Movable Ink, Fluent, Brite Verify and Return Path!) has helped made this a reality.

We are going to dedicate the first year of EiQ to raising email up, and we’re going to have some fun while we’re at it. We promise to shake up the event day experience and do our best to eliminate the boring and awkward moments that most conference goers suffer through. The same goes with our agenda–we are ripping up the playbook and taking a fresh approach to content and formats to ensure a dynamic day.

The email and cross-channel talent we are bringing in for the day is, dare I say, the best-assembled collection of email knowledge under one roof. Experienced and passionate leaders from Uber, Pinterest, Zillow, Panera Bread, Staples, CarMax, Google Nest, Girl Scouts of America, Advance Auto, BrightWave & more to be officially announced in the coming week, make this the no-brainer, must-attend email event of the year. That is a lot of knowledge, success, and influence. Can’t wait to unleash all of these email all stars on March 30. All for the attendees to soak it in.

Diversity is not often talked about in most circles in the digital world. It has never surfaced on a stage in the email world, at least not that I have seen or heard–and I have been in this space for close to twenty years. I am thrilled that the Women of Email, an ambitious group of accomplished marketers, have partnered with us on EIQ and will curate the first ever Women of Email panel to facilitate an honest discussion on our industry’s diversity challenges. This is sure to be a historic and powerful moment for email at large.

Atlanta is an underrated and rising gem of a city. We are thrilled to bring people across the country here for EiQ and we plan on really showing it off. Lots in store on this, but one thing we will highlight is Atlanta’s prominence in the email world. In fact, we have been talking about this for years and years. You’ll have to attend to find out why this is the case.

We hope to see you at EiQ 2017. Register here to get in on the excitement. Also, I will give a free pass to the three best tweets that describe why they want to go to EiQ. You must include #EiQgathering to be considered. 



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