Email vs. Social on Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Which Drove More Sales? >

pexels-photo-25641Gone are the days of carefully planning your Black Friday shopping schedule, fighting crowds and figuring out just how to get that 65” 4K TV into your car. Black Friday 2016 e-commerce revenue reached $3.34 billion, and that doesn’t even include Thanksgiving Day sales!

So how was that $3.34 billion generated? It’s no surprise that Search (Black Friday: 38.5%; Cyber Monday: 35.5%) and Direct (Black Friday: 25 celebrex online.3%; Cyber Monday: 23.8%) attributed to the majority of sales.

What may surprise some is that Email was the number three top-performing channel behind Search and Direct. Altogether, emails drove 18.1% of Black Friday and 19.9% of Cyber Monday sales. Both these figures are impressive enough alone, but to really put it in perspective, you should see how it stacks up against social.

With everything said and done come not-so-cyber Tuesday, Social accounted for less than 1% of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales – roughly the same as Digital Display at 1.3%. Meaning, compared to Social, Email was over 18 TIMES more effective at driving sales.  Here’s what that looks like in graph-form:



Another important consideration that could imply even stronger Email performance is attribution method. The way the analysts of the world gathered these statistics has a big impact on that pie chart up there. Last-click attribution only accounts for sales that came directly from these sources, but email plays a big part in reminding consumers of retailers that they may not have considered in their Black Friday shopping.

Sales resulting from an offer viewed in email and acted on later in the day are most likely attributed to direct traffic despite being a positive side effect of a great email campaign. True email attribution numbers could be much higher if more aspects of the consumers’ spending habits (however erratic or impulsive they may be) could be considered.

The bottom line? Social is a great channel for some things, but when it comes to driving actual revenue… Email is king.

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