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Welcome to a new blog column we hereby christen What’s Up in Email? In it, we’ll ask… well, what IS up in email? And present a combination of the best email industry articles we’ve found around the web in the past month and a few updates of our own.

In this inaugural issue, discover subject line trends across multiple industries, learn how we used CSS to animate our 2016 holiday card and get the skinny on EiQ, the first installment of an email event on a mission to shake things up.

1. The Be-All, End-All of Subject Line Analyses

Just before the new year began, IBM released an in-depth analysis ofemail subject lines from thousands of brands. The results, presented by industry in a compelling series of charts, provide answers to some of our most pressing subject line questions like, “What’s the average length for a subject line?” and “What’s up with emoji??” See the post.

2. Five CMOs Share Their 2017 MarTech Wish List

Shoppable ads, better ROI-tracking and improvements in partner accountability are just the beginning of these top marketing officers’ wish list for 2017. And we’re compelled to agree. If 2016 was the year of video, animation and amazing content quality, 2017 should be a year of overall user experience enhancements and stronger internal capabilities. See the post.

3. Email Beats Social on the Money Front (Again)

Every email marketer worth their salt loves to remind clients and collaborators alike of the channel’s robust returns. Year after year, email proves more profitable than social. A lot more. But when we want to recruit new email geek converts, we can’t just talk the talk. This year-end report gives us the stats to walk the walk, too. See the post.

4. The Anatomy of a Great Email Newsletter

In our latest client case study, we break down what’s needed in a good newsletter template – particularly in a B2B program. The main takeaway: keep it simple. After all, if you can’t use it again and again, why use a template at all? See the post.

5. A Straightforward Guide to CSS @Keyframes Animation

If you’re tired of using large, time-consuming GIFs to incorporate animation into your emails, this little coding trick could help you out big time. And we happen to apply it to our company holiday card. Learn the fancy CSS technique and see it in action in our annual holiday card walkthrough. See the post.

6. EiQ – It’s Really Happening!

This past month, we finally had the pleasure of officially announcing our inaugural EiQ conference, an email event designed to combat the humdrummery of typical industry gatherings. The carefully curated panels and presentations are intended to go deeper than typical email talks, shifting the focus from what we should be doing to what we could be doing with a little more imagination. See the post.

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