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This past weekend, the BrightWave team banded together for the Atlanta stop of 48in48. This social entrepreneurship organization brings together marketing professionals to build websites and other digital materials for 48 nonprofits in just 48 hours. This was BrightWave’s third year participating in the event as the only agency to offer emails for each nonprofit.

Over the course of two days, more than 20 BrightWavers rolled up their sleeves to build dozens of customizable emails, and every department from HR to Strategy contributed to this huge undertaking.

Read on to learn more about the BrightWave team’s most recent 48in48 experience and why the agency is such a fan of this fun and rewarding event.


1. Everyone Gets to Expand Their Email Skills

“It was amazing to get out of our respective roles and just jump in to create some emails as a group. Everyone got to touch everything, from creating templates to doing design reviews to QA.” -Laura Sullivan, VP, Creative Director


2. You Get to Help the Helpers

“One of the event’s leaders shared that we were ‘helping the helpers,’ which was a phrase that stuck with me. I enjoyed knowing that we were making such a difference to these nonprofits, who in turn were going to make massive differences in the lives of many others.” -Julie Benedict, Jr. Analyst


3. BrightWave has Amazing Co-workers with A+ Taste in Music

“From jamming to Spotify’s “Songs to do CPR to” playlist (AKA songs that are 100 beats per minute) to listening to throw back pop hits, the playlists were the best. We broke into a group sing-along more than one time.” -Amber Fawlkes, Marketing and Events Manager


4. The Effort is Worth the Outcome

“We planned for weeks and thought through every angle we could to make this event as smooth as possible. I think we did a great job of accomplishing that, and then some. I loved meeting everyone who was involved with the nonprofits. Seeing how passionate they were about their causes made everyone just as excited to get their emails up and running.” -Rachel Hubbard, Project Manager


5. The Level of Teamwork and Collaboration is Next Level

“48in48 has always been a wonderful way for the BrightWave teams to collaborate and work together in a way we rarely do. It allowed people from teams to get to know each other on a different level.”  -Leah Ellin, Analyst II


6. It’s a Great Excuse to Geek Out with Other Marketers  

“Seeing all the agencies working together to help such a great cause is so inspiring. It is also a great time to nerd out (and have fun!) with other digital marketers.” -Adam Binkley, Project Manager


7. The Impact is Real

“Banding together not only helped me learn more about my coworkers, but made me appreciate even more what they do on a daily basis. I can’t believe the team created 48 easily customizable email templets in under 48 hours!” -Maggie Fairbanks, Employee Experience Specialist


8. The Energy Is Real, Too

“I loved the energy of the entire weekend, and found it to be an incredible team building exercise. At 48in48 our team was able to step outside the boundaries of our day-to-day roles, learn new things, and come together to problem solve any challenges we ran into.” -Jenny Corcoran, Technical Campaign Manager


9. You Get to Use Your Passion and Skills to #DoGood

“This was my second year volunteering for 48in48, and I came back because it’s a great cause that I truly believe in. I can plan and build – which I LOVE – and this is something I can contribute at 48in48.” -Erin Smith, Project Manager


10. There Are Serious Perks to Being a Helper

“The whole 48in48 event was incredible. Plus, the meals on the rooftop with free massages were a great perk, too!” -Adam Binkley, Project Manager


Want to get involved with 48in48? Learn more about this one of a kind event at 48in48.org.

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