10 Things We Will Never Forget from EiQ 2017 >

Around this time last Thursday, we were probably settling in for another eye-opening, mind-blowing EiQ session. There are dozens of little details from that day we won’t be forgetting anytime soon like those tasty custom chocolates on our signature EiQ cupcakes or that particularly interesting Patagonia campaign example. These 10 things, however, are far from little.

Here are our top 10 favorite lessons from EiQ’s epic debut year:

1. An Atlanta drumline can be a more effective pick-me-up than a cup of coffee.

Thanks for that early morning wake-up call, South Atlanta High School!

2. The phenomenal power of knowing each and every subscriber’s value. 

Our signature speaker, David Daniels of the Relevancy Group, opened the day with an important lesson: that subscribers are valuable. And not just in the abstract. Assigning a monetary value to every email subscriber on your mailing list can help you justify whatever investments you need to improve your email program. After all, email is already a lot more affordable than most other marketing channels.

3. How to turn our mistakes into our motivation.

There’s something very reassuring about hearing huge brands candidly sharing their email horror stories, from risqué subject lines to content-gathering algorithms gone very, very wrong. It helped show us that every challenge is a new opportunity to do something unexpected and impactful. Mistake are not a reason to stop a campaign, but a reason to further refine and finesse it.

4. How to separate the BS from CX. 

Our VP of Customer Experience Rich Wilson was joined by experts from Panera Bread, Advanced Auto Parts and Sharecare Inc. for a serious discussion on a seriously buzzy topic – the customer journey. The main takeaway? The customer experience is not the same thing as the user experience. Meaning, empathy matters.

5. Robots really are taking over the world – and our inbox.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are the new final frontier for email. From (speaking of empathy…) programs that can detect and respond to your subscribers’ emotional needs to haptic feedback that can simulate a tactile texture on your screen, the possibilities revealed during our “Finding the Edge of the Inbox” session got all our crazy-idea-generating gears turning.

6. The importance of testing… and retesting, and re-retesting. 

As much as we love super-innovative ideas, we were reminded many times throughout EiQ of the importance of testing. How can you tell if something’s actually effective if you haven’t tested it? Basically, email should be as data-driven as humanly (or should we say technologically?) possibly.

7. Email can be the “gateway drug” to technology. Meaning, workplace diversity might just begin in the email world.

The tech world may be a male-dominated one but email has a nearly perfect 50% male/50% female split. And did you know that more diverse companies tend to generate more money than their more uniformly staffed competitors? It’s true! After all, your customers don’t all look the same, so neither should your staff.

8. Email is not dead but the term e-blast definitely is. For real.

If you’re using all that data you’re gathering effectively, then no two subscribers should really be receiving the same emails at the exact same time. The days of sending blanket messages across your entire send list are over. Instead, individual user behavior will determine what they’re receiving.

9. Nothing gets an email marketer party going like a little Ace of Base… or a few Triggered Sends.

After a rousing bout of Email Jeopardy!, we were ready for music and cocktails. Fortunately, our EiQ Spotify playlist was bumpin’.

10. When you get 300 email geeks together, amazing things happen.

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic first year of EiQ! We learned important lessons, discussed difficult issues and ended it all with Email Jeopardy! and champagne, as you do. Ready to do it all again with us next year?

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