BrightWave’s 2017 Quartermaster – Kelley Coram >


Absolute workhorse. Extremely passionate. Team player and leader.

These are just a few of the reasons our team gave for selecting Senior Project Manager Kelley Coram as our 2017 Quartermaster.

In nautical parlance, a Quartermaster of a ship is an able-bodied seaman/woman responsible for steering and navigation. Here at BrightWave, it’s our version of what some landlubbers call “Employee of the Year.”

Each year, everyone in our agency votes for the crewmember who has impressed them the most with their dedication, collaboration, passion and success over the past year. This person also sets the standard for how high we all can reach, earning them bragging rights for a year and a trip to the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island.

Coram joins the prestigious group of former Quartermaster recipients, who are pictured above. Other winners besides Coram (far left) include Andy Daniels (2nd from the left), Laura Middleton (3rd from the left), and Jason Crawford (far right).

Check out the praises below that Coram’s co-workers sung about her in their nominations:

“Kelley never ceases to amaze me with poise, great attitude and overall smarts in the email space. She’s a model employee in every sense and we would be lost without her.”

“Kelley is honest by how she acts with our internal teams as well as with our clients. She always carefully curates her communications, making sure she prepares BrightWave for the next best step forward.”

“Kelley is always lifting others up when they do well and providing constructive criticism through teaching opportunities.”

“Kelley is always mindful of the client. She’s constantly putting together creative solutions to help our clients not only receive the work they’re expecting, but she also helps push the boundaries of what we can do and deliver in a way that makes our clients see us as a key partner.”

“Kelley lives and breaths BrightWave and is here early and late providing support and value to clients and teammates. She is a great combo of both a team player and leader.”

“Kelley is calm under press and is always willing to help in any way possible.”

“Kelley is passionate about what she does everyday if you can’t tell from her extensive to do lists and light hearted competitiveness in fantasy football within our office.”

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