5 Things Every Email Marketer Should Do Before Deploying an Email >

It’s almost time. You’ve checked the copy, perfected the design, tested the email and reviewed the query. And now, it’s finally time to deploy the email. 

Here at BrightWave, we rely on our technical campaign managers to deploy emails for some of the best brands around like Chick-fil-A, Credit Karma, HD Supply and more. This team is imperative to our process since they’re the last line of defense to ensure 100% accurate email communications are sent to our clients’ subscribers. 

We’ve instilled the following simple, yet tried and tested, best practices at BrightWave for confidently hitting send and ensuring the successful deployment of email campaigns.


1. Review Content and Technical Elements, Separately

Make the most of the whole left-brain, right brain concept. When reviewing emails, consider reviewing creative and technical requirements separately. By doing this, you allow yourself to focus on one element at a time. 

When reviewing creative and design, focus on proofreading and ensuring that emails are rendering correctly on mobile and desktop devices. When checking technical aspects, review queries and spot check how dynamic content will display for different subscribers in the ESP. Our team leverages partners like 250ok, Litmus and Email on Acid to check rendering so we’re not relying on the devices that the internal team has.


2. Take A Second Look

Take a break in between reviewing and scheduling emails to deploy. Simply taking a 10 minute break can help reset your mind and provide you with a clearer outlook on content and data (that you’ve been reviewing for a while.) 

Also, if time permits, schedule emails 24-48 hours in advance. This gives you time to go back in and review final email settings before the email is scheduled to deploy.


3. Rely on Your Team

Effective email marketing requires a team effort. Send final email drafts to key members of your team for a final round of QA before sending to external stakeholders. As a bonus tip, send over a checklist to help guide colleagues as they review the final email proofs.


4. Add In Lines of Defense

Scheduling deployments to send to internal and external seed lists provides two extra lines of defense. For example, if you have a live deployment that needs to go out at 3PM, schedule test emails at 1PM and 2PM for internal and external stakeholders to review. If there are any last minute edits needed, you’ll have time to stop and revise the live deployment before it’s delivered to subscribers.


5. Trust Your Instincts

There’s one thing worse than missing a deadline and that’s sending out an email that will not perform as desired. If you are not 100% sure that the data and visual elements of an email will provide an optimal experience, never be afraid to ask for more time. Pull in key resources and troubleshoot potential roadblocks as a team. 


Deploying emails can be a daunting task, and rightfully so with a laundry list of QA tasks to check off. From initial creative and strategy to technology and campaign management, successful deployment is on everyone’s mind. Simplify your thought process by sticking to these 5 best practices and your email deployment will be smooth sailing. 

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