8 Big Ideas from Marketing Conference Season >

wordcloudblogAs BrightWavers, we love to geek out over the most innovative ideas in the marketing industry. This year our teams came out in numbers for the mammoth industry conferences: IBM Amplify, Salesforce Connections and Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience. After rocking out to Stevie Wonder and fraternizing with Fabio, we got to work.

We were schooled on the importance of effective consumer communication and the powerful possibilities of the Cloud. Here’s a round-up of the Big Ideas, as submitted by our team members.

  • Create brand advocates:“Use negative feedback as an opportunity. Answer every complaint in every channel, every time.” – Jay Baer, Marketing and Customer Service Speaker
    Failure to respond to negative comments leads to a decrease in customer advocacy, which can cause a decline in customer retention and eventually a loss of profits.
  • Content is still king: Authenticity is always key. Unite your message around a universal truth and don’t be afraid to make an emotional appeal.
  • Sometimes less is more: “Be curious, be smart and make it easy to communicate your message.” -theSkimm
  • Preach the Cloud to the corner office: It is essential to have your company’s executives behind a migration to a marketing cloud platform. They can drive the change which will help company employees feel comfortable and get on board. But, know this: marketing clouds tend to be a patchwork of acquired companies. Because this functionality is not organic, there is a gap in how to get the most out of these clouds.
  • Start your migration to 1-to-1: A migration to the cloud expands the capabilities of marketers and companies to deliver the best-in-class service that is streamlined. It allows businesses to become more personalized and provides clients with a more tailored journey.
  • Explode your brand: Be the authentic unbrand. Don’t portray a manufactured brand identity. Listen to what your audience wants and deliver content based on their needs.
  • Omnichannel rules: Consumers interaction with brands in stores, through apps, and online is quickly converging. Companies are realizing how much underutilized data is available and quickly pivoting.
  • The future is now: Machine learning and automated intelligence are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, and accessible to the average marketer.






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