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400 attendees. 43 speakers. 9 sessions. 2 new awards. And a whole lot of #emailgeeks love. What an incredible 2018 EiQ!

When we first set out to disrupt the email industry through a new conference, my expectations were a bit modest. But after two years of bringing together over 700 people to focus on innovation and performance, the sky is the limit. Here’s what EiQ has accomplished and a few select highlights from this year’s event (which was April 19 at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta) along with some supporting tweets from #EiQGathering attendees.


1. Community

Of all of the feedback we hear, the sense of community that EiQ has created, fostered and brought together could be our number one accomplishment. We have so many folks coming to their first conference or not having a lot of familiar faces, but tell us that they’re blown away by the inclusiveness at EiQ. Part of what EiQ does is provide a gathering place for the email tribe.


2. Economic Development

Business needs to happen at conferences or else you run the risk of just being a feel-good event. Millions of dollars of new business relationships have been created, accelerated and closed for EiQ participants (happily to report especially for EiQ’s host, BrightWave). The amount of business transactions coming from EiQ is substantial and a plethora of conversations happen at all parts of the day and night that turn into new relationships, hires and other economic developments that are key benchmarks for any event.


3. Diversity

Not only did the BrightWave team work tirelessly to field a very diverse speaker lineup, but we partnered with the Women of Email to help ensure gender issues were a consideration. Too many conferences (in all industries) feature the same speakers over and over again which often result in a very noticeable lack of diversity for speaker lineups. For industries to be dynamic and improve, you need a way for the newest and brightest talent to break through. We’ve worked hard to have up-and-coming speakers on stage at EiQ. As a result, EiQ has become a launching pad for the next generation of email stars as well as the most diverse event in the email industry.



4. Career Acceleration

Speaking of the new stars of email, we handed out two new awards (congrats to Seth Weisfeld and Carly Maddock, winners of the Maverick and The Whiz respectively!), hosted many on stage and saw a lot of mentoring, bonding and coaching develop as a result of organizations like the Women of Email and platforms like EiQ. We must continue to ensure we provide ways for talent to develop and be nurtured and connected to new opportunities.




5. Innovation

EiQ is all about innovation and the future of email. In fact, we don’t look back at all, only ahead as that is where our industry is headed. We highlighted some amazing inbox experiences throughout the day, all centered around innovation. Brands and email programs that stood out were Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Pinterest and Shinesty (more on them later).




6. Attention to Detail

Much like a well-planned email campaign, the EiQ team has meticulously planned details throughout the day to make the customer (or in this case, the attendee) experience incredibly thoughtful and unique. The Sketch Effect live boards of each session, live music, giant Jenga, amazing giveaways, a skyline cocktail party, top shelf food and beverage program were all in another league compared to other events and attendees love that they can always expect the unexpected at EiQ.


7. Fun

From killer creative cocktails, and a funky brass band to Email Family Feud and Shinesty’s wowser of an email program, “awesome” is the only word we can use to describe the best day in email. These light-hearted touches remind us that we’re allowed to have fun while working. This is an essential ingredient of EiQ and one we plan to prioritize for years to come. It also is a healthy reminder for stressed email pros, to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.


8. BrightWave Pride

Once again, our team proved themselves to be a capable crew of disrupters, thought leaders and industry pioneers. On top of introducing EiQ to the world, we showed our mad skills through the work we presented on behalf of our incredible client roster. In an industry often jogging, BrightWave is showing no signs of slowing down our sprint.


Until the next EiQ – I invite you to review the 2018 recap and peruse the social media chatter here.


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