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Year in and year out, there’s one event BrightWave participates in that stands out above the rest. It instills tremendous joy and empathy in our entire team, from the planning committee to those on the front lines. It allows us to take our expertise as the leading email and eCRM agency and apply it to the greater good. And it gives us a chance to truly master our Jenga skills (more on that below).

Centered around a 48-hour hackathon-style event, 48in48 connects local nonprofits to skilled marketing and technology professionals. At the end of 48 hours, 48 local nonprofits have brand new websites, email templates and marketing strategies they can use to further boost their cause. 

This year, the event took place October 4-6 at Cox Enterprises. For three days, 26 BrightWavers—along with hundreds of marketing experts—rolled up their sleeves and built dozens of customized marketing assets. And through our unique partnership with 48in48, BrightWave was the only agency dedicated to creating email templates at the event.

Here are nine reasons we’re already counting down to next year’s event:


1. Everyone plays a key role

After volunteering for four years, my favorite part is that we’ve been able to evolve how we create 48 emails in 48 hours so that anyone from any department of our company can participate to create email templates and make an impact for the nonprofits. And, we have so much fun doing it.” -Michelle Walker, Senior Director of Customer Experience


2. We help nonprofits expand their digital footprint

Helping my team build email templates for our city’s nonprofits was an amazing experience. Nonprofits will be able to reach out to the community with their important messages, and continue to do this on their own. What made this experience even better was the fun shared with coworkers and the support from the 48in48 staff.” -Hazel Doctor, Junior Designer & Developer


3. There’s strength in numbers

It was great to attend 48in48 this year. I had previously volunteered as a general volunteer, but it was more impactful getting to work with one of the teams. I also enjoyed learning more about the various nonprofit organizations.” -Laura Carr, Project Manager


4. The event is organized to perfection

The energy at the event was amazing and the space at Cox was perfect. The 48in48 staff made it easy to get started working and were helpful throughout the weekend. It was also awesome to work with so many other volunteers that were excited to build these websites and email programs for the deserving nonprofits.” -Adam Binkley, Strategist


5. We bring fundraising dollars to the inbox

“I like to see what organizations are in my community and which need help standing up their digital channels. I feel like email can provide a lucrative channel and fundraising tactic for nonprofits and am glad that we can help set up the templates for the organizations to take advantage of.” -Jessica Ginburg, Senior Strategist


6. The energy in the building is palpable

This was my second year volunteering at 48in48 with the BrightWave team and I have to say it was the best one yet! The energy and enthusiasm were through the roof and I loved getting the chance to be part of a positive team-building experience that allowed everyone to come together for a good cause.” -Shane Thomas, Designer


7. We channel our inner #emailgeek

I love 48in48 because you’re surrounded by really talented, passionate people. You’re improving your skills, bonding with your teammates and really making an impact for nonprofits who do great work. It’s not always easy, but it’s always fun. I leave feeling inspired by my industry and my community.” -Laura Newsome, Copywriter


8. We apply our skills to something greater

48in48 is a great way to contribute to the community by using the same skillset that you use in your day-to-day work life. It’s a great way to network and collaborate with a multitude of people. See you there next year!” -Nity Gogia, Designer

9. We work hard and play harder

As a new employee, volunteering for 48in48 was a great way to build rapport with my colleagues and learn more about the email industry. I also loved learning about the nonprofits we supported. There are so many organizations in Atlanta doing great work! And of course, the mimosas and Jenga were the icing on the cake!” -Erica Jamison, Senior Project Manager


The 2019 event may be in the rearview, but its effects will be felt for years to come. Want to get involved in 48in48 next year? Learn more about it at 48in48.org.

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