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With email services booming, more companies than ever are partnering with email-focused agencies to take their email programs to the next level.

A whopping 91 percent of marketers surveyed by The Relevancy Group stated that email marketing is an effective channel, in terms of delivering revenue results for their business.

Email marketing value-added services are widely deployed, with 50 to 60 percent of respondents adopting these services.

There is a big wave right now and brand marketers are riding it. Agencies embracing email are riding it, too. It’s largely centered on how email fits in the marketing cloud and subscribers’ online consumption habits.


Gone are the days when you could have an email service provider: one low- to mid-level digital generalist and your email program. The new normal is specialization and strength in each channel, whether it’s done in-house or outsourced.

Email agencies are leading the path to significant returns for their clients on the email front, and specialization plays a big role in this.

From the same survey by The Relevancy Group, the chart below represents the collective response to the question, “What type of marketing services would be of the most use/value to your organization?”


As you shop for an email partner that is able to deliver home runs in Q4 and long-term value beyond, there are nine questions to ask your potential email agency partner.

Get all nine of these important questions in the full article on Click-Z. 

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