A Recap of BrightWave’s Award Winning 2019 >

The BrightWave team takes a lot of pride in what we do and the people who do it. To keep us focused on achieving new goals, we tie one of our yearly agency goals to external recognition and awards. And to our excitement, we learned that we blew our goal out of the water by recently winning three Marketer Quarterly Awards. 

To celebrate this big news, here are some of our team’s most noteworthy achievements over the last year. 


1. Amber Fawlkes was named “The Rising Star” by the American Marketing Association – Atlanta

Taking home the prestigious award for Atlanta’s most up-and-coming marketer of 2019 was our very own Senior Manager of Marketing and Events, Amber Fawlkes. AMA Atlanta highlighted Fawlkes for being a one-person marketing and events team with impressive achievements, including her vision, planning, and execution of our annual EiQ conference, which helped our agency generate over $2.5M of new business.


2. SiteOne’s website launch was recognized by multiple programs, including American Marketing Association – Atlanta, The Communicator, and Horizon Interactive awards

Our campaign launching SiteOne’s new website with e-commerce functionality saw real results for our client. Over 10,000 new user accounts were created and over $1 million in sales was generated from this campaign.


3. Char-Broil grills the competition with a W from The Communicator awards program

Char-Broil, Email Marketing: Char-Broil’s special 70th-anniversary campaign not only received props, but it solidified the reach and power of email. This email campaign drove 16.54% of all entries into their 70th-anniversary sweepstakes. Each touch exceeded Char-Broil’s click rate baseline, increasing it overall by 8% and creating great brand awareness.


4. Synovus’ credit card campaign cashes in multiple accolades (The Davey Awards and the Marketer Quarterly Awards) and is a finalist in the Email Insider Summit’s awards

Helping our clients drive meaningful impact to their business is the heart of our business. And that’s just what we did for Synovus when they needed to drive new credit card account openings. In just 15 hours from the time this campaign deployed, 794 people took action and applied for a credit card. This was the most applications Synovus ever received from email in one day, making this a huge win for their 2019 marketing program. 


5. BrightWave’s holiday card and EiQ email take home trophies (Horizon Interactive awards)

An annual staple for our team is creating our holiday card email. Each year, our email-loving team sends cheer to our clients, partners, and friends with an out-of-the-inbox interactive email, including our 2018 card that showed up for this awards program. This card’s special gif that animated when moused over not only caught the judges’ eyes, but also the email community.


6. Chick-fil-A, Best Loyalty Member Email/Offer (Marketer Quarterly Awards)

This award-winning campaign encouraged members to use their points and redeem rewards. By segmenting delivery into seven groups (one of which hadn’t transacted with the Chick-fil-A One app recently), we drove the audience to redeem their rewards, and 38% of all app installs driven by Chick-fil-A One national emails during Q1 2019 came from this campaign.


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