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encyclopedia of nautical terms

BrightWave was nautical way before it was cool. Yes, before Pinterest was flooded with boards upon boards of tiny, cute things with tiny, cute anchors on them. Way before giant octopus t-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos went together like tweaked ‘staches and wax.

For us, this seafaring tradition all started with the name: Over 12 years ago, our CEO Simms Jenkins decided that the name BrightWave was pretty awesome. The wave became our mascot, a dynamic symbol that looks like it is always in motion, forever innovating and changing.

Since then, our nautical obsession has only grown stronger. For the record, we’ve set about taking down all of our traditions here—setting the mast straight from the mainsail, if you will.

2013 Nautical Holiday Greetings– A set of incredibly realistic GIFs, featured in the holiday card, which may or may not have included awkwardly lying on the ground for hours and wrestling with stuffed alligators.


La Croix – A naturally flavored sparkling water hailing from the La Croix River. The fizzy beverage is a BrightWave drink of choice that may make you feel like singing a sea shanty or three. (Or that could just be the SweetWater.)

Polaris Award – The North star, the brightest in its constellation, is of utmost importance for celestial navigation. Also: An employee-selected award given each month at the BrightWave office, recognizing ultra bright, remarkable work.

Quartermaster Award – Our version of the Employee of the Year award. So named for a “quartermaster” or person responsible for steering and navigation in many navies. Past winners include: Jessica Higgins. Alicia Bellis. Laura Giles. And now… Jason Crawford and Laura Sutton!

Scuttlebutt Social Club – A scuttlebutt is a barrel with a hole cut into the top, allowing sailors could reach in and dip out their beverage of choice. It’s a place where shipmates tend to gather around to talk shop. Also: A “meeting” at the BrightWave bar every third Thursday. The agenda includes drinking beer and bestowing the Polaris award.

Sea Monsters (a.k.a. Conference Rooms) – Names include Siren, Kraken, Urchin, Poseidon, Nessie (that’s Loch Ness Monster, to you), Hydra and Leviathan.

Skipper Hats – A set of white hats that made an appearance at early BrightWave social functions. Rumored to have been purchased at a Party City in a moment of divine intervention. Current whereabouts: unknown.

Tradewinds – A monthly “all hands on deck” meeting in which we talk about new trends in technology and other awesome bits of email nerdery. Often led by an esteemed member of our strategy or creative team.

Now you’re thinking, “I gots to work there!” Well, check out our job openings, young sailor.

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