ANA Email Experience Council Recognizes Simms Jenkins as its 2020 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year >

Founder & CEO of BrightWave is named the winner of the EEC’s most esteemed award

The ANA Email Experience Council (EEC) announced that Simms Jenkins is its 2020 Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year. This highly-coveted award is given to an individual who exemplifies the best and brightest in the email marketing industry. Jenkins is a leader in the email marketing community that has made significant contributions to the industry. In 2003, he founded what is regarded as the leading email agency– BrightWave – where he currently serves as the CEO. The company was acquired by Ansira in April 2019.

Jenkins is also the creator of EmailStatCenter and EiQ, the leading email conference focused on performance and innovation. He has authored two highly regarded books, “The Truth About Email Marketing” and “The New Inbox,” and is a proud member of the EEC, AIMA, Only Influencers, Leadership Atlanta and several non-profit boards and organizations. He currently writes about email, innovation and leadership for Forbes and has been featured in The New York Times, Fortune Magazine and scores of other publications.

The EEC evaluates candidates for the Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year award in four areas: thought leadership, service, innovation, and vision and influence. Past winners of the award hail from standout companies like 250ok, Litmus, The Relevancy Group and Cordial.

The ANA Email Experience Council Awards Subcommittee diligently reviewed a cross-section of worthy thought leaders in the industry. “Simms was the clear winner — chosen for his long-term dedication, leadership, service, innovation and countless contributions to the email marketing space,” commented Lisa Brown Shosteck, Director of EEC. She added, “we’re proud to honor Simms’s achievements and award him as the 2020 EEC Thought Leader of the Year.”

“I am truly honored to receive one of the most prestigious awards in the marketing industry,” commented Jenkins. He added, “when I created BrightWave in 2003, I didn’t know much about the industry, but I quickly learned from smart people, partners and even competitors. I made new friends along the way made and realized how lucky we all are to be in this thriving community together.”

The EEC and email industry will celebrate Jenkins with fellow thought leaders Jose Cebrian and Ryan Phelan in a webinar on Thursday, May 7 at 3pm EST featuring strategies and insights from Jenkins. For more information, visit!event/2020/5/7/strategies-insight-from-eec-award-winner.

See the full press release here.

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