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We fancy ourselves experts in the big marketing clouds (Adobe, IBM, Oracle and Salesforce, to name a few), building and deploying beautiful, functional emails, and uploading and segmenting complex data—all the while providing insights on ISP and recipient actions for those emails.

However, sometimes we need a little help that the cloud can’t provide. This help might be in the form of advanced features, email tracking and analytics, easy-to-implement triggered sends or email deliverability. It’s a very exciting time for end point solutions in the email world, those tools that can help you make smarter decisions and send better, smarter emails. Here are just a few of the exciting point solutions we like to have in our tool box.

1. RealTime Email by LiveClicker
As the name suggests, RealTime specializes in providing real-time information to your recipients when they open your email. Some of the features and solutions they offer Include:

  • Live Timers create a sense of urgency.
  • Live Videos generate higher engagement (this does not work for all email clients.)
  • Live Images display dynamic personalized content based on recipient information such as geo-location, time-zone and more.
  • Live Polls engage with audiences and compare their responses with others in real-time.

Best for: Pumping up excitement around product releases and special events, boosting engagement with a lagging audience.

2. BlueCore
BlueCore specializes in powering unique immediate marketing actions. It creates one-to-one communications to your recipients by analyzing their behaviors on your website and optimizing email content and trigger times. BlueCore’s best feature allows your triggered communications to run without the need of any ongoing interactions from you or your team after a very short setup time.

Best for: E-commerce companies that want to capitalize on browsing behavior and personal tastes.

3. Litmus
Litmus should need no introduction. If you aren’t using them now, you need to start. Litmus allows you to review the rendering of your emails across a wide range of email clients, inboxes and devices before you deploy. In addition to the generated email previews, Litmus also offers an email analysis via a tracking pixel. This shows you which devices your recipients are reading your emails on, how long they are looking at your message, and in which ESP they are viewing them on, in addition to many other data points.

Best for: Any email program that wants to ensure they look good in the inbox. So, everyone.

4. InboxPros
While InboxPros is not a product; it is hugely important. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, how optimized or how relevant an email is to the consumer if they never receive the email or it ends up in their spam folder. The InboxPros team is made up of experts in both email deliverability and email reputation. Their knowledge of the industry and relationships with the different ISPs are invaluable when trying to improve deliverability and inbox placement. They are a helpful source when you’re just getting an idea of your email program’s overall standing with the ISPs.

Best for: Those just propping up a robust program or making a major change, like a migration to a new ESP.

5. MailMonitor
If you don’t want to utilize the InboxPros team, you still want to be able to monitor your IP reputation and email performance. MailMonitor offers a feature-rich, lower price alternative to some of the bigger reputation monitoring applications. MailMonitor features include:

  • World-wide inbox monitoring
  • Reputation tracking
  • Spam filter testing
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Preview and Measure

Best for: Those just propping up a program, but with limited resources.

6. Movable Ink
This ancillary product allows you to “sense and respond” to your email audience in the moment, with a really cool, robust set of features. The agileEMAIL builder allows you to build responsive HTML templates quickly, while the content features allow for some really interesting interactions in the inbox, like live video and advanced personalization. Some of their coolest features revolve around insights and “real-time optimization,” though. These tools allow you to upload two different pieces of creative–they’ll select and send the winner in real time.

Best for: Those looking to take optimization to the next level and deliver a deeply personal experience.

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