Awesome Email Content: 5 Fail-Proof Hacks >

5 email hacks

As email marketers, we are often served up content from other channels, like photography from a menu, a print coupon from a circular or a CEO’s “hilarious” cat video. Bottom line: it’s not always riveting email content.

Our job is to make it sing, to make it “email-perfect” no matter where it came from. Since we’ve made lemonade more than a few times over here at Brightwave, we thought we’d share a few of those locked and loaded tactics with you. In this white paper, we’ll tackle some of the most common types of content that email marketers need to “retrofit” for the inbox. We’ll give you three ready-to-fire hacks for each of these categories:

  • Print Photography
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Social Posts
  • Coupons


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