This is BIG: Gmail Adds Support for Media Queries >

responsive_redesignFriday, September 30, 2016 is a day that will live in email nerd history. As documented so eloquently by our partner Litmus, Gmail will now support responsive design and improved message interactivity in the inbox.

The News: Today, Google began rolling out new functionality that will enable responsive design, among many other capabilities that will provide Gmail users with better user experiences. A listing of the CSS properties and media queries has been published.

The Spin: This is big for the quality of content Gmail users are able to see, though this isn’t new for the industry. Other ISPs have allowed this type of functionality. Gmail is a late adopter for allowing the shift away from inline coding to embedded CSS. They are not the last major player though, coding emails for Outlook still requires inline CSS.

With this update from Gmail, the attraction and ROI justification for sophisticated emails and emails with richer interactive experiences within the body of the email, is expected to be in higher demand.

What has BrightWave excited is the increased support for the cutting-edge creative that we produce. For email recipients of our clients’ this means a range of things, including from new fonts available to the ability to have interactive carousels and modules within the email.

For those authorizing projects and allocating budgets, this also means investments in powerful creative is stretched further because of the market share of Gmail, which is currently at 16%.




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