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Brent Rosengren, BrightWave Staff


It’s Monday at noon. Chief Client Officer Brent Rosengren sits in the Nessie conference room, waxing Rosengrenian—completely unaware of what is taking place just 20 feet away.

BrightWavers put on grass skirts, tiki masks and rainbow leis in the back corner of the parking lot, confusing the downstairs neighbors quite a bit. Ford Fry’s People’s Food Truck wheels around back, with the first whiffs of pork tacos and yucca fries coming off a sizzling grill. Some summer-y beers are sweating with cold in a big silver bucket. (It’s Monday at noon, after all.) Two Mylar balloons float in the makeshift beach hut, a “1” and a “0.”

As Brent is drawn outside, he first looks as confused as the neighbors who are watching on with their Lean Cuisines—then his face turns approximately 7 distinct shades of red. It’s his 10-year BrightWave anniversary. And this is one hell of a surprise party.

Ten years seems like a really long time ago: People were wearing Livestrong bracelets and “Hey Ya!” was playing everywhere when Brent showed up for work in 2005. But in agency time, 10 years is closer to a century. It’s a rare and special thing for someone to have such an impact for so long. So we offer this list, this ode to a wonderful co-worker for a decade and counting.

Top 10 (of Many) Reasons We Appreciate Rosengiggles

  1. On his first day of work, he built his own desk. He broke a sweat demonstrating his drive and ability to roll up his sleeves and get sh*t done, no matter what.
  1. He can pull off the beard-vest combo. (And even inspire a whole host of vest imitators.) IMG_0377_vest

  2. His mullet makes an appearance at every single field day. Here’s how one BrightWaver describes their field day experience:

    “As always, we drew names and I ended up with Mr. Rosengiggles. I didn’t know what to expect. Was he a competitor? Would he take himself lightly and participate in the costume competition?Well, turns out… he was ALL ABOUT IT. Brent was an awesome competitor! We won the Frisbee toss and a few other competitions and ultimately took home the grand prize. Brent Rosengren: Chief Client Officer and Chief BW Athlete- 4eva.” – Jessica Higgins, Creative Director

  3. He’s hands down the best person to go on a road trip with (most likely a combination of being a great listener and having good musical taste).
  4. He has the ability to handle even the most daunting clients (like, below, his son Mac and daughter Ann).
  5. At Connections, he proved a hot dog was worthy of a 2 a.m. gas station hike.
  6. He has proven that you should never bet against FSU Football – you will lose.
  7. At midnight on Move In Day at the BrightWave new digs, he was here. Looking like hell, but symbolic of his dedication to the company.
  8. His ability to lend a hand with every employee and every client and every campaign.
  9. But his real legacy just may be his tenure of Chief Keg Officer, bringing the best local and seasonal beers to BrightWave.IMG_0624
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