BrightWave Crowns Becca Rowles as its 2019 Quartermaster >

The BrightWave annual holiday party is a celebration of our team’s successes, and we had a lot to celebrate this year. We significantly grew our team and offerings by joining forces with Ansira, hosted the best day in email at our third annual EiQ conference, and crowned an exceptional BrightWaver — Becca Rowles — as our newest Quartermaster. 

You may ask, “What is a Quartermaster?” Simply put, the Quartermaster is a highly trusted mate that’s elected by their crew to be their voice on the ship. Sticking with our nautical theme, the Quartermaster is BrightWave’s highest honor— the equivalent of employee of the year. 

We vote as an agency on the year’s top performer, and the winner receives an awesome trip to the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island as well as a coveted trophy to inspire others to achieve what they have. 

It was no surprise when it was announced that Lead Solution Architect Becca Rowles was this year’s winner. She’s an exceptional teammate that helps our clients enable their marketing technology to build automated, scalable solutions to meet their business goals. 

Check out these 10 highlights from the nominations Becca received from her teammates to see why she’s more than deserving of the 2019 Quartermaster award.

1. She’s awesome to collaborate with on projects

“Becca person embodies all of our BrightWave values, does exceptional work for our clients, and is a pleasure to work with. Her can-do attitude is one that I wish could be replicated throughout the agency.”

 2. Learning new things is her forte

“Becca is the definition of a Quartermaster. She’s passionate about her work, team and clients, she’s proud when the team succeeds, and she lights up at the chance to learn something new and share it with the team.”

3. She’s a double threat — smart and humble

“She is both a thinker and an explainer, a great teammate and a one-person wrecking ball…and she’s extremely humble about it.”

4. She’s super approachable

“Most of all, I never think Becca is too busy to help with a project, answer a question or start a new project. She’s excited about her job which makes me and the people around her excited, too.”

5. She’s not afraid to put in hard work

“Becca works tirelessly and never complains. She has a winning personality and doesn’t seem to know a stranger.”

6. She makes our clients’ dreams come true

 “Becca Rowles is an unsung hero at BrightWave. She always has a great attitude, is honest, team-oriented, and initiates to bring client dreams into manifestation.”

7. She goes to infinity and beyond

“The pride Becca takes in her work is truly inspiring. She goes above and beyond at everything.”

8. Did we mention she’s a really smart cookie?

“Becca is always looking for the smart way to do something and asking extremely thoughtful questions. I’m looking forward to watching her grow even more.”

9. She’s as reliable as they come

“I love being able to collaborate with Bexxa on work and know that all projects are taken care of if they are assigned to her.”

10. She’s more than earned her Quartermaster title

“This year, a hard-working person like Becca deserves to be celebrated properly by the entire company.”


Congrats to Becca— we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for her at BrightWave!

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