BrightWave’s Holiday Card: Holly, Jolly and…Covered in Bananas? >

holidaycardheroWe’re not kidding about the bananas. But before we reveal this year’s festive, interactive holiday card design, let’s take a look back at some Cards of Christmas Past and the email techniques they featured:


This “horizontal-scrolling” card was definitely disruptive in the inbox (hey, it was 2012!).  It was responsive back before responsive was cool, with an entirely different vertical version appearing on smaller screens. Plus, we all had hats on. Give the mobile version a peek, too.

BWM Holiday Card 2012


This year’s holiday card was gif-tastic, featuring our crew sailing into 2014. We may just have set up this scene with everyone lying on the office floor—we’re committed to the card, people! Click here to see what this card was all about.

2013 slice 4


This year’s card bumped it up a notch (or 12) with a long, scrolling design with delightful hand-drawn illustration, animated throughout. The 12 Months of Email featured 12 campaigns converting, 11 gifs a-gaffing, 10 subject lines sticking…. See the full 12 months in all their eye-catching glory here.

2014 card 1 2014 card 2


And—drumroll, please—introducing our innovative, interactive and downright fun 2015 card, perhaps our favorite to hit the inbox yet. Inspired by our forays into designing interactive “hamburger” menus in emails this year and a technique pioneered by John Carey, we used “checkbox” coding to create a totally in-email interactive experience. Our fine recipients trim the BrightWave tree with lights, garlands, doughnuts and mermen (trust us, it works). Take a peek below, and get the full inbox experience here.




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