BrightWave is Moving: An Ode to Our Home on Peachtree & 25th >

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It’s no secret that BrightWave is a fast-growing company. One of the realities of those growth spurts is that—like many a lanky 11-year-old—we looked down and our pants were about 5 inches too short. That’s right, in the last three to four years we majorly outgrew our space.

This week we move into incredible new digs that will double our working space. If you’re a cheater, you can skip to the end to get a little peek into the space that is making our hearts pitter and patter. (The carefully calibrated kegerator! The plentiful conference rooms!)

But first, allow us to wax nostalgic for just a moment about our current home on Peachtree and 25th—a place where, let’s face it, a lot of magic has happened. What kind of magic? Here’s a Top 11.

Our 11 Fondest Memories of the Office: 

IMG_9847– The amazing view of Atlanta from the south side of the building, one of the best in the city thanks to the clearing provided by I-85/I-75.

– Random conversations with strangers in the elevators. We’re pretty chatty, so we’ll have to find a new way to talk to strangers (perhaps the clowns rumored to be next door to our new place will be good conversationalists).

Jessica-2_Pinata– Creative Services Appreciation Day, which included some pretty skilled piñata smashing. Clearly, someone had been practicing.

– That time everyone got all comfy and cozy as we posed for pictures on the floor for our stop-animation holiday email. Things got weird.

– Operations Manager Lisa McFarland hauling the irreverent, 12-foot Buck home from Lenox Mall in her mini-van. By herself. Clutching him for dear life.

breaking-down-the-wall–  Production Manager Melissa Cornett & Co. smashing through the wall on expansion #2. Yes, we put a hole straight through the wall to expand the space for creative.

– The incredibly slim mail chute, where we suspect have confirmed that mail gets stuck on every floor, a particularly perilous situation given that we’re on the top floor.

-Our version of the 2012 Olympics, which included very challenging, very official trash can hurdles.

– The super groovy white chandelier, which never worked after we blew the circuit on the first day. But it looked good, darn it.

– The 6 p.m. air conditioning shut off, which leaves those late night deadlines all the more fevered—quite literally.

IMG_9853– Last, but far from least, The Crying Closet. That special place reserved for meltdowns and tantrums of all stripes. Every company needs one.

And now, we look forward to making lots of new memories—heck, to complete email marketing domination— in our new home just about a mile up the road. These renderings certainly have us dreaming. More to come! Brightwave_stair Brightwave_openoffice


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