BrightWave Sheds Some Light on the ESP Selection Process >


Over 28% of brands are at least a little dissatisfied (sometimes a lot dissatisfied) with their email service provider (ESP). That’s not a great number. But when you consider the complexity of the ESP selection process, it’s also not too surprising.

There are literally hundreds of email service providers. As a result of this massive ESP ecosystem, finding the right fit for your brand’s current and future needs can feel impossible. But with knowledgeable partners by your side, we guarantee you can find an ESP, in your price range, with all the capabilities you want.

How will you get there?

A few BrightWavers revealed some of our hard-won ESP selection tips in a recent Litmus article entitled, “Doing an ESP RFP: Improving Your Vendor Selection Process.”

Give it a read and find out how to setup successful ESP RFPs, right from the start.   


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