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Laura Giles 2014 Quartermaster

Strategic vision. Thoughtful leadership. Contagious laughter.

There are many reasons why Director of Account Management (& Most Interesting Lady in the World) Laura Giles was named the 2014 Email Marketing Quartermaster.

Wait, let us back up a bit: What is a Quartermaster? In nautical parlance, he or she is an able-bodied seaman who helps navigate and steer the ship. And, on a pirate ship, the Quartermaster is elected by the crew so he speaks for them (which seems really fun, especially if you imagine it in pirate-speak).

Here at BrightWave, it’s our version of an employee of the year award. But with more swashbuckling swagger. And a trip to a five-star beach resort. Laura is the third employee to be bestowed with the title. Past winners include creative extraordinaire Jessica Higgins and tenacious account keeper Alicia Bellis.

The BrightWave team votes on the Quartermaster recipient who had an amazing year and impact on the business. Co-workers, clients and paparazzi all want a piece of him or her and have been uniquely impressed by their dedication, collaboration, passion and success. This person is to be a model employee and sets the standard for how high we call can reach.

And Ms. Laura Giles did all that and more in 2014. Take it from her co-workers:

“Since joining the BrightWave crew, she has elevated our standard for account management excellence simply by doing what comes naturally to her: creating and delivering on her (solid) strategic vision.”

“Laura exudes confidence in her email expertise. Her straight-forward yet eloquent and succinct style of communication make her a pleasure to speak to.”

“She is always open to new challenges, making room for them on her already seemingly full plate. Her cheerful attitude makes me want to be a more positive person – and I can honestly say that I make a mental note of it when I’m around her.”

“I nominate Laura for her wonderful contagious laughter. But, more importantly, for her always positive and natural leadership abilities.”

“Over the last year she has shown significant growth in her ability to provide great leadership and support.”

“Laura takes a calm, never flustered approach. Instead of trying to be the first to speak or act, she always thinks through any possible problem or situation with a clear head that is ruled by logic and not emotion. This is an approach that I find quite refreshing as well as admirable. I hope to one day be able to achieve the same qualities when it comes to leadership.”

“She’s consistent, a great worker and has made a huge impact both internally and externally.”

“Laura came to BrightWave and immediately bolstered the strategic account leadership of our client services team in a very short time. Her ability to mentor other account service team members and provide clear direction for creative and strategic resources has been exquisite and should be emulated by others. Additionally, Laura has provided a great example of the type of co-worker we all want to work with at BrightWave marketing. Finally, Laura ‘gets’ email, ‘loves’ email and can clearly articulate an appreciation for the channel both internally and externally that is invaluable in our organization.”

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