BrightWave’s 2018 Quartermaster: Leah Ellin >

For those who don’t incorporate a lot of sea-dog lingo into their everyday vocabulary, a ship’s Quartermaster is an individual responsible for steering and navigation. He or she must keep the vessel on course, foresee potential setbacks and communicate their plans clearly to the rest of the crew. When you think about it like that, the role of Quartermaster here at BrightWave is surprisingly similar to that of these water-bound steersmen.   

Every year, we elect a company Quartermaster. This person sets the standard for how high we all can reach and, in return, they receive bragging rights for a year and a trip to the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island. It should be someone who has shown dedication, collaboration, passion and success throughout the year and our 2018 Quartermaster Leah Ellin has certainly done just that.

Whether she’s presenting a killer campaign analysis, bringing us all sustenance in the form of bagels or planning our monthly happy hour, Leah is always going the extra mile to make sure BrightWave is an amazing place to work.    

Here’s a mere spattering of the high praise Leah received in various 2018 Quartermaster nominations:

“Leah deserves the 2018 Quartermaster award! Throughout the year, she has displayed a team-minded attitude, kept the company abreast on what’s going on internally and externally from her industry round-ups, and headed up multiple activities, contributing to our company culture.”

“Leah is a joy to work with. Her attention to detail and passion for her work have elevated our reporting offerings dramatically, and she continues to make improvements with new analytic approaches. She is a constant cheerleader for her teammates and for BrightWave, and is an excellent steward of our values. From agency culture to client work, she has worked to create an environment that people feel comfortable in. I almost forgot to mention, she’s a Bagel Goddess.”

“Leah Ellin is my vote for the BrightWave Quartermaster. She is passionate about every piece of work that she touches. She is always willing to help out and goes above and beyond. She keeps the culture at BrightWave alive with her work on the Fun Team while also ensuring all of our reports are on time (yay!). This company would not be the same without Leah.”

“Leah is passionate about our clients and always goes above and beyond to make sure that expectations are met or exceeded. She is collaborative across all teams, easy to do business with, and a champion for the accomplishments of others above herself. She is always on the hunt for new ways to look at data, to identify the cause of unusual trends and to expand her knowledge. She is an excellent leader, analyst, and teammate and always seeks to improve herself in all areas.”

“Leah was one of the first folks at BrightWave outside of my team to make it a point to get to know me. She took the time to understand my personality and helped me quite a lot whenever I ran into workplace issues. This meant a great deal to me considering I had never worked at an agency. She always exhibits a great deal of patience and professionalism when dealing with miscommunications and learning curves — both internal and client-facing. Furthermore, she’s played a huge role in cultivating the agency culture and even managed to get a hard-wired introvert like me to participate in office festivities. Leah’s great. She really deserves to be Quartermaster. Mic drop.”

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