BrightWave’s New Office Shows Awesome Growth Potential >


At the beginning of this year, we had a bit of a problem. To put it briefly, our company kept growing—in both revenue and headcount—but our office stayed the same size. Finding a free meeting room when you needed one became quite a challenge and new makeshift desks appeared seemingly every week.

Granted, this is not a bad problem to have. After all, our new hires make us a better company. And, as is so often the case, out of this problem came a beautiful solution: a sleek, bold new office space in the iconic Tower Place 100 in Buckhead, a dynamic mixed-use environment with some of the best walkability and amenities in the capital of the South.

We’ve occupied several offices (5 to 7, depending on who you ask) in our 15-year history but none quite as spectacular as our new home at Tower Place 100. With nearly 20,000 square feet, the new space is almost triple that of our old 67 Peachtree Park headquarters. At our current size of 70+ full-time email experts, we’ve got enough space for each department and plenty of vacant areas to spread out into as we add more positions to our rapidly growing agency.

There are also 18 meeting spaces of various sizes and capacities, from massive conference rooms to cozy huddle rooms furnished entirely with bean bag chairs. This gives us seemingly endless venue options whenever we need to get together to collaborate, discuss, strategize, create or host clients.

Of course, there are also a number of more casual gathering places for impromptu huddles and kicking back after a long day. Our new kitchen, for example, has standing islands, tables and banquettes for employees to partake in a meal, grab a snack or enjoy a well-earned beer. Naturally, a bigger kegerator was included in the design plan and has already been stocked with tasty craft brew.



Among many major perks of moving our headquarters here, one notable one is our name is out front of the building on the marquee. How cool is that?



As we take on bigger clients and more work with our loyal existing clients, it makes sense that we’ll need bigger spaces in which to work on them—and now we’ve got plenty. Although we haven’t been here long, it’s easy to see how this new space will empower our team for years to come.  

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