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Alicia Bellis

In 2012, we came up with a pretty cool Employee of the Year award at our agency, the Quartermaster. In case you don’t know, we’ve got a thing for nautical terms around here. In many navies, the “quartermaster” is the person responsible for steering the ship and for navigation, so we found the term appropriate.

At the 2012 holiday party, the first ever Quartermaster award went to Creative Director Jessica Higgins (read about the award and why she won it here).

In late 2013, at the appropriately named Saltyard restaurant, we crowned the 2nd Quartermaster. We proudly awarded it to Alicia Bellis, now a Senior Campaign Manager here at BrightWave.

Here are some of the cool things Alicia’s teammates had to say about her character and why she is totally deserving of this honor:

“The effort that Alicia has put into not only making herself a better employee, but also a better project manager and team member, is impressive. She is always working on ‘making herself better’ through learning new skills and talking with her co-workers and manager about how she can improve. More importantly, I’ve watched Alicia grow into an effective communicator both internally and externally.”

“Alicia always makes sure that everyone is happy, both clients and team members, and she is very thorough in communicating with everyone, always following up and also keeping everyone aware of what is happening on each project.”

“Alicia is the most diligent team player, a great communicator and a ‘bulldog’ in the most complimentary sense of the word. She has made great strides in improving and seeks out proactive feedback constantly from a diverse range of BrightWavers. She also never lets a teammate or client miss a beat. Alicia is a pleasure to work with and her upbeat demeanor makes me wish we could clone her work ethic and attitude. Ahoy matey, Alicia should be the Quartermaster in 2013!”

Ahoy for sure, Alicia had a great year and keeps getting better (like, she just got promoted!). We are proud to call her BrightWave Quartermaster.

We asked Alicia what winning the Quartermaster award means to her, as this honor is serious business.


Bellis: I’ve said it before; I cannot do my job without the BrightWave team. Being a Campaign Manager requires that I work and interact with everyone in every “department.” That’s where teamwork truly comes into play.

In order to ensure every campaign BrightWave strategizes, plans and ultimately executes is successful, everyone must be a team player.

Now my role in particular is “integral” because I am responsible for managing the overall campaign and ensuring the campaign launches on or close to its “end date.” I have to work with strategy, creative and the technical teams every day to ask client questions, provide client feedback and follow up on steps in the campaign process. Not to mention, I must work with our clients to discuss their companies’ goals and objectives and ensure that BrightWave’s work is in line with their needs.

Working with several different people has given me the opportunity to become a better listener and more organized–and I have definitely learned some patience. I’ve been able to better review campaigns from a holistic level and I have become more adaptable. Without these qualities, I would have “sunken this ship” a long time ago. The team at BrightWave works with each other everyday to get the job done.

At BrightWave’s Christmas party last year, I was happily surprised to be awarded the 2013 Email Marketing Quartermaster award. It is an honor to be BrightWave’s second Quartermaster.

Recently I’ve been asked what winning the Quartermaster award means to me. I’ve had some time to think about this question and I’m ready for my answer: Team. Teamwork. Team player. Oh and wait, as Quartermaster I’m second in command ; )


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