Meet Our EiQ Hosts: Media Personality & Tech Entrepreneur Titania Jordan

  Titania Jordan is the CPO of, an internet safety solution that helps keep children safer on social media, text messaging, and email. As the former host of NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA’s weekly television show Atlanta Tech Edge, and frequent tech contributor to outlets such as The Today Show, CNN, and CBS This Morning, Titania has the honor of covering the latest in tech… Read more »

Meet Our EiQ Hosts: BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins

Simms Jenkins, our CEO and founder here at BrightWave, got to add another founder title to his resume this year! As founder, host and Email Jeopardy! officiant of EiQ, he’s got some pretty strong opinions on email – where it’s been, where it’s headed now and where it should go in the future. Simms has led us in establishing a world-class client list including Chick-fil-A,… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Laura Sullivan & Rich Wilson

For this two-days-until-EiQ (!) speaker spotlight, we have a special double feature, starring BrightWave’s own Laura Sullivan and Rich Wilson. Laura Sullivan is our former journalist/editor turned Creative Director/email design enthusiast. She oversees the creative product at BrightWave and, in 1986, she won a Toys R Us shopping spree through a Cap’n Crunch Sweepstakes. It remains one of the best days of her life to this day…. Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Meet Tara Clark

  Tara Clark believes in the power of email to inspire people and drive results. Which is good, since inspiring results and potential home buyers with beautiful emails is pretty much her job description as Director of Email Marketing for Zillow. She’ll be giving a (very concise) overview of the Zillow email program this Thursday at EiQ during our super-fast and super-fascinating “Explain Your Take on… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Meet Aaron Hartman

Aaron graduated with his Masters in Business and a concentration in Marketing from New York Institute of Technology. With more than eight years in email marketing, Aaron has worked on both the vendor and client side, having worked at Staples and The Children’s Place and managing programs for Marriott Hotels, Sprint, Hilton Hotels and Nestle Purina. In high school, Aaron hosted a live weekly sports TV show… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Meet Our Signature Speaker

As CEO of The Relevancy Group, David directs market research and advisory services essential to digital marketing.  He’s been called “one of the most influential experts in email marketing, if not the most influential.” And considering it was David who coined the term ESP (Email Service Provider) back in the day, we’d say that claim is pretty valid. David has held senior level positions at Forrester,… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Meet Sue Cho

Sue Cho is currently Director of Email at Autolist. Previously, she managed email for cool brands like The Honest Company, Dollar Shave Club and Hollar. In a past life, she also wrote and recorded hit dance music. Seriously, one of her most bumpin’ tracks hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2014. Although she’s not promising any singing or dancing during EiQ (yet), she… Read more »

BrightWave Shines at 2017 AIMA Awards

On March 16, BrightWave continued to demonstrate its prowess in the Atlanta community as well as the email channel at the annual AIMA awards, an event designed to showcase Atlanta’s top digital marketing talent and work. Through the course of the evening, the agency received many accolades courtesy of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, including a “Made in the ATL” recognition and several Rising Star… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Keisha Chapman

Keisha Chapman is the B2B CRM Marketing Manager at Advance Auto Parts, the largest automotive aftermarket parts provider in North America.  She is currently leading campaigns for the company’s loyalty, training and marketing assistance programs, meaning she’ll have plenty to bring to the table (erm, stage?) during the Customer Journey talk at EiQ! Prior to joining AAP, Chapman had the pleasure of working with brands… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Meet Jen Capstraw

Jen Capstraw is a consultant at Adobe where she is a subject matter expert on email marketing, personalization, and cross-channel strategy. In 2016, she co-founded Women of Email, an association aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email space. A noble mission, indeed! She’s come a long way from hosting TV lottery drawings in 1998. Jen will host a Women… Read more »