Simms on Growing Smart, Hiring Awesome & Keeping Your Values

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3349" src="" alt="simms video still" width="600" height="400" srcset="×200@2x.jpg 600w,×200.jpg 300w,×240 try this out.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” /> In a recent interview for, BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins dished out a few small business truths you don’t hear every day: How to be an accidental entrepreneur (who also makes smart decisions). Why a cool loft space can sink your… Read more »

The Rolling Stones, Atlanta… & BrightWave?

If you’re in Atlanta, you’d have to be living under a rock (or perhaps stone?) to miss that the greatest rock n’ roll band of all time came to town for the last time. And that reminded me that Mick Jagger and BrightWave, we go way back. Like back to a yacht in Mediterranean (kind of). Yes, I’ll explain. I had the good fortune to… Read more »

4 Ways Email Should Look Different by 2020

IBM Amplify in San Diego provided me with the opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of Silverpop and to affirm some of my notions about how email marketing should evolve over the next five years. Deepak Advani, General Manager for IBM Commerce, shared an insight that was eye opening for me as a marketer because it pointed out how little marketers *actually* know about their customers. 81% of marketers say they have a… Read more »

[SlideShare] How We Became North America’s Leading Email Agency

There’s an old saying that still rings true in the digital age: If you’ve got a great story, you should be able to boil it down to just a few words. (Ever read Hemingway’s six-word novel? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) When we thought about telling the BrightWave story, it was clear that there were truly remarkable elements at play. A passionate CEO with… Read more »

Friendly’s Makes News with Its BFF Program & Local Targeting

Friendly’s, BrightWave’s sweetest client, made headlines not once but twice recently for its smart, strategic email marketing program. ClickZ reporter Mike O’Brien first called out the East Coast ice cream and nostalgia makers in the article How Friendly’s Made BFFs Through Email as a part of the site’s Content Takeover. Friendly’s Field Marketing Manager Bill Chiccarelli praised the permission-based nature of email and spoke of the “delicate balance” of keeping… Read more »

A Look Back at the 1st Email Spotlight

Last Thursday, BrightWave hosted the first ever Email Spotlight, a meeting of the minds for all things email. Basically, we gathered up some of the most progressive vendors, fantastic clients and sharpest digital minds in the business at our new office. Then we added some craft beer and signature drinks (hellllo, Opt In cocktails) then let the magic happen. And happen it did. We couldn’t… Read more »

The Digital Workhorse & The 1st Annual Email Spotlight

Email isn’t slowing down as it hits its stride during what we may look back down the road as the digital renaissance years. Digital communication channels are very fragmented across most demographics but email sits across the center of them all as the one and only true hub. Mainstream and niche business publications continue to write about this, having seemingly discovered this cyber fountain of… Read more »

Words of Wisdom in Our 3rd Year on the Inc. 5000 List

  We recently added a third plaque to the wall in the foyer of our sweet new office: We made the 2014 Inc. 5000 List for fastest-growing private companies in America for the third consecutive year. This year we clocked at #3053, slightly less than our previous ranks of #1762 in 2013 and #1335 in 2012, with a three-year growth of 116%. As the ranking… Read more »

Things We Never Thought We’d Hear at #CNX14

Some things you might expect to hear at a huge—like 8,000-people huge—digital marketing conference like Exact Target Connections. You might expect to hear about some new fangled technologies, like predictive analytics or personalized 1:1 customer journeys. You might expect to meet some smart new people who are creating clever new businesses. And we did all those things in spades over the last three days. But… Read more »

Connections-Goers Snapshots: Random Attendees’ Nuggets of Wisdom

We’re two days deep in the 2014 ExactTarget Connections conference—the annual extravaganza of digital marketing minds, Cloud Crawling and aching feet. We predicted that this year would represent a sea change in the event, with attendees from the social, mobile and B2B worlds representing alongside the hardcore email folks. How better to get the pulse of the random people (who, disclaimer, may or may not… Read more »