9 Reasons We’re Still Talking About 48in48

Year in and year out, there’s one event BrightWave participates in that stands out above the rest. It instills tremendous joy and empathy in our entire team, from the planning committee to those on the front lines. It allows us to take our expertise as the leading email and eCRM agency and apply it to the greater good. And it gives us a chance to… Read more »

Big Growth at BrightWave Opens Many New Positions at One of Atlanta’s Best Places to Work

A workplace’s culture breeds what it gives, and in BrightWave’s case, it breeds creative freedom and employee benefits far reaching your average 401K program. BrightWave, an Ansira company, fosters growth and responsibility for its employees, allowing them to spread their inspired wings while encouraging a great work ethic to support its robust client list of Fortune 500 companies. Of course the intangible benefits (health insurance,… Read more »

Get to Know the Sharp Minds of BrightWave’s 2019 Intern Class

Here at BrightWave, our culture is growing and evolving with new ideas and faces. Our newest members have joined the team as 2019 summer interns and are excited to learn the industry at the leading email and eCRM agency. From development interns practicing their coding skills to marketing interns adding to BrightWave expansive content library, this crew is putting their best foot forward at BrightWave…. Read more »

BrightWave’s 2018 Quartermaster: Leah Ellin

For those who don’t incorporate a lot of sea-dog lingo into their everyday vocabulary, a ship’s Quartermaster is an individual responsible for steering and navigation. He or she must keep the vessel on course, foresee potential setbacks and communicate their plans clearly to the rest of the crew. When you think about it like that, the role of Quartermaster here at BrightWave is surprisingly similar… Read more »

BrightWave Announces Key Promotions, Appointments and New Hires in Multiple Departments

Middleton, Noibi and Walker Appointed to New Roles and Leading Email Agency Welcomes Jacxsens in Key Agency Account Leadership Role   BrightWave, the leading email marketing and eCRM agency, made several significant internal promotions and strategic hires to help the company continue its industry leadership and agency growth. These leaders are sure to positively impact nearly every aspect of the agency in their new positions…. Read more »

10 Reasons 48in48 is One of BrightWave’s Favorite Events

This past weekend, the BrightWave team banded together for the Atlanta stop of 48in48. This social entrepreneurship organization brings together marketing professionals to build websites and other digital materials for 48 nonprofits in just 48 hours. This was BrightWave’s third year participating in the event as the only agency to offer emails for each nonprofit. Over the course of two days, more than 20 BrightWavers… Read more »

An Intern’s Point of View on Email Marketing

  If you had told me a year ago that I would be interning for an email marketing agency, my first question would have been, “There are agencies specifically dedicated to email?” I had no idea how much value a single email can bring to a business. But I quickly learned that many successful businesses hire an outside agency to help create engaging and relevant… Read more »

Meet BrightWave’s 2018 Summer Interns

  The past three months have been busy and full of exciting things here at BrightWave. April brought our second EiQ conference, May opened a new chapter with moving to an amazing new office and June held BrightWave’s 15th anniversary celebration. This month also kicked off our 2018 summer internship program. We have five new faces at BrightWave who bring different interests– one of them… Read more »

BrightWave’s New Office Shows Awesome Growth Potential

  At the beginning of this year, we had a bit of a problem. To put it briefly, our company kept growing—in both revenue and headcount—but our office stayed the same size. Finding a free meeting room when you needed one became quite a challenge and new makeshift desks appeared seemingly every week. Granted, this is not a bad problem to have. After all, our… Read more »

BrightWave’s Raj Choudhury Selected As Atlanta Marketer of the Year

Leading Email Agency President Gets Top Award from American Marketing Association BrightWave, the leading email and eCRM agency, today announced that its President, Raj Choudhury, has been named the Marketer of the Year by the Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). He will be presented this prestigious honor at the AMY Awards in Atlanta this evening at its annual awards gala where the… Read more »

Alex Membrillo Talks Entrepreneurship with President Raj Choudhury

  About three years ago, BrightWave President Raj Choudhury was a panelist for a marketing session at Georgia State. So was Cardinal CEO Alex Membrillo, and the two decided to grab a drink after the event. Alex told Raj, a seasoned entrepreneur, about his new agency, and Raj naturally started advising Alex on how to take his company to the next level. Before they knew… Read more »

BrightWave Celebrates 15 Years of Business

  Happy 15th birthday to us! That’s right–we’ve been the email agency of choice for the world’s leading brands for 15 years. We couldn’t be more excited or proud of what we’ve accomplished in that time, so we’re sharing 15 of our favorite BrightWave facts to celebrate this huge milestone. BrightWave was nautical way before it was cool. Once our CEO Simms Jenkins decided on… Read more »

Major BrightWave Expansion Announced for 2018

The following article was published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. You can read the original article here. “Atlanta digital marketing agency plans 100-job expansion” Author: Urvaksh Karkaria, Staff Writer for Atlanta Business Chronicle   Atlanta digital marketing agency BrightWave is expanding — with plans to add up to 100 jobs over the next few years. BrightWave is an email marketing and marketing automation agency. The… Read more »

BrightWave’s 2017 Quartermaster – Kelley Coram

  Absolute workhorse. Extremely passionate. Team player and leader. These are just a few of the reasons our team gave for selecting Senior Project Manager Kelley Coram as our 2017 Quartermaster. In nautical parlance, a Quartermaster of a ship is an able-bodied seaman/woman responsible for steering and navigation. Here at BrightWave, it’s our version of what some landlubbers call “Employee of the Year.” Each year,… Read more »

How to Hire the Best Digital Talent During a Transformational Era

BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins continued his contributions to Forbes this month with his new article, “How to Hire the Best Digital Talent During a Transformational Era.” He presents seven rules for hiring the right people during a competitive period, even when you don’t necessarily have it in the budget to offer the highest salaries in town. The tips which range from pitching culture first to remaining… Read more »

BrightWave Makes Email Accessible at 48in48

At times, the combined crush of client timelines and the challenges of practically implementing innovative ideas can make life as a marketer feel like a blur. It’s fast-paced, exciting and often stressful – but that’s where good ideas come from. It’s also often the source for late-night karaoke sessions fueled by foul-tasting cinnamon liquors. The organizers of charitable organization 48in48 have somehow captured the best… Read more »

Meet Our Summer Interns

BrightWave is happy to introduce our intern class of summer 2017! We have FIVE new faces around the office trying their hands at different agency departments. This is our largest intern class ever so we thought we should introduce them to the world, as they could be the future of email marketing! I’m Scarlett Waldman from Pennsylvania. I am a rising senior at Emerson College… Read more »

6 Important Learnings from our First EiQ Event That Transcend Business

The inaugural EiQ happened on March 30 in Atlanta and it was a resounding success on every front imaginable. I am still feeling the high of seeing the vision of a new kind of industry event come to life and, more importantly, people responding to it in such a positive way. It was incredibly time-consuming to create and execute an event like EiQ, particularly when… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Laura Sullivan & Rich Wilson

For this two-days-until-EiQ (!) speaker spotlight, we have a special double feature, starring BrightWave’s own Laura Sullivan and Rich Wilson. Laura Sullivan is our former journalist/editor turned Creative Director/email design enthusiast. She oversees the creative product at BrightWave and, in 1986, she won a Toys R Us shopping spree through a Cap’n Crunch Sweepstakes. It remains one of the best days of her life to this day…. Read more »

Year One in BrightWave HR: A New Department for the People

Just over a year ago, BrightWave decided to do something it had never done before, and hire someone with a robust and dedicated human resources background. It was a big investment in a company of our size. But to be among the best, BrightWave had to focus internally. And I don’t mean the decking out our space with ping pong tables or filling our fridge… Read more »