6 Important Learnings from our First EiQ Event That Transcend Business

The inaugural EiQ happened on March 30 in Atlanta and it was a resounding success on every front imaginable. I am still feeling the high of seeing the vision of a new kind of industry event come to life and, more importantly, people responding to it in such a positive way. It was incredibly time-consuming to create and execute an event like EiQ, particularly when… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Laura Sullivan & Rich Wilson

For this two-days-until-EiQ (!) speaker spotlight, we have a special double feature, starring BrightWave’s own Laura Sullivan and Rich Wilson. Laura Sullivan is our former journalist/editor turned Creative Director/email design enthusiast. She oversees the creative product at BrightWave and, in 1986, she won a Toys R Us shopping spree through a Cap’n Crunch Sweepstakes. It remains one of the best days of her life to this day…. Read more »

Year One in BrightWave HR: A New Department for the People

Just over a year ago, BrightWave decided to do something it had never done before, and hire someone with a robust and dedicated human resources background. It was a big investment in a company of our size. But to be among the best, BrightWave had to focus internally. And I don’t mean the decking out our space with ping pong tables or filling our fridge… Read more »

An Insider’s Guide to Connections in Atlanta

At BrightWave, we don’t just nerd out on email every day. We nerd out on email every day from our awesome office in Atlanta. Starting today,  thousands of digital marketers will ascend on our fair city for Salesforce Connections 2016. So we thought it only prudent to provide a little guide to doing Atlanta our way. Just call it a little Southern hospitality.   Where… Read more »

Meet a BrightWaver: David Martin

Next time you’re at BrightWave, have a chat with David Martin and see how much time passes before you end up discussing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Hint: It won’t be long.) This diehard fanboy is also a passionate artist and a kick-butt Interactive Designer on BrightWave’s creative team. He’s been with us since November, and in that short time, he’s gathered some good advice for… Read more »

Meet a BrightWaver: Sophie Cox

She’s a rockstar at heart, a world traveler, and lucky for us, a BrightWave Campaign Manager! Sophie Cox knows that success here means being brave and being bada**. She caters to her clients with an expert eye, and she caters to her coworkers too—she was the party-planning mastermind behind our White Elephant holiday bash, complete with these gourmet cheese plates. Respect. So now we’re giving… Read more »

‘Tis the Season to Give Back: BrightWave Giving Tree 2015

We’ll admit it—we’ve got some serious warm fuzzies this holiday season. Because this year, we went a step beyond the standard fun <a href="https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a celebrex dosage.10154419556905760.1073741838.349461630759&type=3″ target=”_blank”>holiday parties and tacky sweater days. We started a new tradition we’re calling the BrightWave Giving Tree. Check out this festive little shrub: Our employees added ornaments that they’d made or purchased. A few of us got pretty crafty… Read more »

BrightWave’s Holiday Card: Holly, Jolly and…Covered in Bananas?

We’re not kidding about the bananas. But before we reveal this year’s festive, interactive holiday card design, let’s take a look back at some Cards of Christmas Past and the email techniques they featured: 2012 This “horizontal-scrolling” card was definitely disruptive in the inbox (hey, it was 2012!).  It was responsive back before responsive was cool, with an entirely different vertical version appearing on smaller screens. Plus,… Read more »

BrightWave’s 2015 Quartermasters – Jason Crawford & Laura Sutton

The Quartermaster of a ship is an able-bodied seaman responsible for steering and navigation—some pretty major stuff. So when we name our Quartermaster here at BrightWave, it’s no small designation. The Quartermaster (also known as “Employee of the Year” to some landlubbers) is someone on our crew who has impressed us with their dedication, collaboration, passion and success during the year. He or she sets… Read more »

Meet a BrightWaver: Trevor Mitchell

Hey world, meet Trevor Mitchell, BrightWave Account Manager. Even though he’s been onboard for a short time, Trevor has learned what it takes to succeed: “Don’t be afraid to roll your sleeves up and get dirty.” And we can attest, he hasn’t been afraid to roll up the sleeves on his fine collection of blazers since day one. Man, he can really pull off the… Read more »

An Abbreviated Encyclopedia of BrightWave Nautical Terms

BrightWave was nautical way before it was cool. Yes, before Pinterest was flooded with boards upon boards of tiny, cute things with tiny, cute anchors on them. Way before giant octopus t-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos went together like tweaked ‘staches and wax. For us, this seafaring tradition all started with the name: Over 12 years ago, our CEO Simms Jenkins decided that the name BrightWave… Read more »

The BrightWave Beer Line-Up

  There’s something you need to know about us here at BrightWave: We’re a little obsessive about beer—just ask our Chief Keg Officer. (IT’S A THING.) When we moved to our shiny new HQ in South Buckhead last year, one of our first orders of business was to get a game plan together for the two beers on tap in the Siren lounge/bar. Some principles… Read more »

We’re Hiring! (Bonus Video: Simms on Who to Hire & When)

Attention whipsmart marketers and digital savants: BrightWave is hiring in a major way. If you’d like to be surrounded with smart, tenacious, passionate people and make a huge impact on some of the best brands in the world—this could be your moment. We are actively looking for an amazing Account Manager, a multi-tasking Campaign Manager, an expert Web Developer, a far-thinking Director of Email Technology… Read more »

Brent Rosengren Celebrates 10 Years at BrightWave

  It’s Monday at noon. Chief Client Officer Brent Rosengren sits in the Nessie conference room, waxing Rosengrenian—completely unaware of what is taking place just 20 feet away. BrightWavers put on grass skirts, tiki masks and rainbow leis in the back corner of the parking lot, confusing the downstairs neighbors quite a bit. Ford Fry’s People’s Food Truck wheels around back, with the first whiffs… Read more »

The Rolling Stones, Atlanta… & BrightWave?

If you’re in Atlanta, you’d have to be living under a rock (or perhaps stone?) to miss that the greatest rock n’ roll band of all time came to town for the last time. And that reminded me that Mick Jagger and BrightWave, we go way back. Like back to a yacht in Mediterranean (kind of). Yes, I’ll explain. I had the good fortune to… Read more »

BrightWave’s 2014 Quartermaster – Laura Giles

Strategic vision. Thoughtful leadership. Contagious laughter. There are many reasons why Director of Account Management (& Most Interesting Lady in the World) Laura Giles was named the 2014 Email Marketing Quartermaster. Wait, let us back up a bit: What is a Quartermaster? In nautical parlance, he or she is an able-bodied seaman who helps navigate and steer the ship. And, on a pirate ship, the… Read more »

We Ran 110 Miles with the Mizuno Baton

One thing that we love about working on the email program for our client Mizuno is the passion and conviction they have—both the company and the fans. Mizuno truly believes that running is powerful, that it can change the world one person at a time. It’s pretty easy to get infected with that kind of positive thinking and take to the open road (even with… Read more »

The New BrightWave Office—And the Superpowers It Gives Us

We’ve noticed something kind of…unusual here at BrightWave lately: Having a beautiful, spacious, calming new workspace has given us even more email superpowers. Yes, a few months back we bid a fond farewell to our office on Peachtree & 25th and moved into a crazy-awesome office just up the road. We’ve been brimming with pride over our new space, which is over twice the size… Read more »

BrightWave is Moving: An Ode to Our Home on Peachtree & 25th

It’s no secret that BrightWave is a fast-growing company. One of the realities of those growth spurts is that—like many a lanky 11-year-old—we looked down and our pants were about 5 inches too short. That’s right, in the last three to four years we majorly outgrew our space. This week we move into incredible new digs that will double our working space. If you’re a… Read more »

Day of Awesomeness: A Tradition of Volunteering, Surprises & Stick-On ’Staches

  Here at BrightWave, we like to be playful at heart, to take a few risks, to delight our co-workers, clients and community—just because. Enter: Day of Awesomeness. As the name so righteously implies, Day of Awesomeness is a part of the BrightWave DNA in which once a quarter our (already awesome) team members spend an entire workday just doing something to brighten other people’s… Read more »