Keeping Email in Focus: What Marketers Need Right Now

In these days of social distancing, email has become more important than ever. Billboards look out onto empty streets, and radio ads are missed as cars sit idle in driveways. But the inbox is always accessible. And that one-to-one, personalized connection has become a lifeline for businesses and their customers. Email may be marketing’s workhorse during the COVID-19 epidemic. But inbox experts still face other… Read more »

Forbes: CEO Simms Jenkins on Leadership Lessons from Churchill and Bonaparte

In a time when the only certainty is uncertainty, you can find inspiration in places you weren’t looking for it. That’s what happened when our CEO was buffing up his European history before a spring break vacation.  His trip may have been canceled, but Simms Jenkins found many learnings in biographies about two of the most famous leaders in our history, Winston Churchill and Napoleon… Read more »

Email as a Catalyst for Digital Transformation

As human beings, and to lesser degree marketers, COVID-19 has presented unprecedented changes for the brand experience. Consumers are living through a real-time commerce transformation, where business models are moving fast to capture more sales via ecommerce, ensuring their supply chain is seamless online and the communications to all stakeholders (customers, prospects, partners, franchisees) is flawless. Overnight, this seismic shift required the brand experience to… Read more »

Email Marketing During COVID: Getting Back to Business

In a previous post, we wrote about adjusting your communications strategy for the new normal during the Coronavirus pandemic. While daily operations may not have changed for your business yet, some local governments and states are already easing stay-at-home restrictions, meaning customers will start adjusting to life outside of delivery and curbside pickups. While it will ultimately be at the discretion of your business to… Read more »

Immediate, Short- and Long-Term Email Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Imagine it’s January 1, 2020. What would you tell yourself then to prepare you for today? Marketers plan for months and sometimes years for major campaigns. But no matter how much we try to prepare for any scenario, the current economic landscape was a huge curveball for everyone. Some companies had to instantly switch their entire business model. Others are faced with responding to increased… Read more »

[On-Demand Webinar] Email Marketing During a Crisis: Lessons & Advice

During times of crisis, email is one of the most effective ways to communicate important messages to customers and clients. It is proving to be invaluable during the COVID-19 crisis, as face-to-face and in-store communication is increasingly replaced by digital messaging. When navigating uncertain times, email marketing remains one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach customers, prospects and suppliers. There is no… Read more »

Choose Your Own Adventure: By Digital Strategists

Growing up as a kid in the late 80’s and early 90’s, one of my favorite things to do was to go to our library and pick out a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. I’d often read them, picking a route, and then re-read, going on another path. Even today, I enjoy listening (and sometimes participating) with my kids as they go on their own… Read more »

EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Jen Capstraw of Iterable

EiQ is fast approaching and email geeks from all over the country are getting ready to meet up with fellow fans of the inbox. One such geek is Jen Capstraw, Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism for our sponsor Iterable. She spends her days spreading the gospel of email and Iterable — a cross-channel marketing platform that connects people with products that bring them joy. … Read more »

6 Steps to Getting Your 2020 Started on the Right Foot

Coming back from a busy holiday season can be a stressful time for any marketer with new goals and initiatives, year-end reporting, and business-as-usual work to complete. But after your aggressive year-end email marketing campaigns, how can you start the year on the right foot? Here are some tips to get your email program off and running in the new year!     1. Take a breath… Read more »

Join Our Free Webinar & Level Up Your Finance and Healthcare Emails

Leveling Up Your Financial Services and Healthcare Email Program THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13 | 2:00 PM EST As email marketers, there are challenges to working in tightly regulated verticals like financial services and healthcare. From creating content that’s personalized yet private, to keeping your program innovative and fresh, captivating your audience is no small feat. Subject matter experts from BrightWave, Movable Ink, UnitedHealthcare, and Marcus by Goldman… Read more »

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at BrightWave’s 2019 Mad Lib Holiday Email

There’s no shortage of seasonal traditions here at BrightWave. From our annual Thanksgiving potluck and holiday party, to new traditions like Secret Santa, we go all out for the most wonderful time of the year.   Another annual staple is the BrightWave holiday card. Each year, our email-loving team sends cheer to our clients, partners and friends with an out-of-the-inbox interactive email. You may remember our… Read more »

Why You Need to Add Deliverability to Your Program’s KPIs

As email marketers, it’s important to regularly check in on our strategies and key performance indicators. These assessments help us make sure that our strategies are matching our business goals and we are reporting on all vital KPIs. A commonly overlooked KPI is deliverability. It is absolutely surprising how many marketers don’t focus on it. If you don’t know where your messages are landing, in… Read more »

Five Holiday Email Tips for Non-Retailers

  November and December are key revenue-driving months for many companies, who begin to craft their holiday email strategies months ahead of time. While this is a critical time of the year for many senders, not all senders focus as heavily on these months, especially non-retail brands. If you fall into this category, follow these helpful tips to ensure your messages stand out in a… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: 250ok

BrightWave’s newest email event, Edge of the Inbox, is kicking off in Dallas, TX tomorrow. This gathering is focused on all things email innovation and wouldn’t be complete without sponsors like 250ok that are just as edgy.  250ok’s email analytics platform brings marketers advanced insights into email deliverability, design, sender reputation, fraud protection and consumer engagement. Learn more about their unique products, what’s on their… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: Cordial

In just two days, we’re hosting our first ever Edge of the Inbox event. Dallas’s most digital-savvy marketers will get a taste of our EiQ conference at this event with a unique attendee experience and game-changing content from speakers at Brinker International, Southwest Airlines, Sally Beauty and more. Attendees will also have the chance to meet our innovative, industry-leading sponsors like Cordial, a company that… Read more »

Edge of the Inbox Sponsor Spotlight: Liveclicker

As the host of acclaimed email gatherings, BrightWave has changed the industry’s event landscape, especially with our annual email conference, EiQ. So after creating what is widely regarded as the most innovative email conference, we asked ourselves, “Where do we go from here?” Meet Edge of the Inbox, a cutting-edge event that gives attendees across the country a taste of EiQ. It’s a night dedicated… Read more »

The Rising Tide: Get to Know Liveclicker

BrightWave and its partners are part of an unprecedented movement where technology, channels and customer relationships converge. That’s why we created The Rising Tide, a monthly series where our partners highlight those platforms and people that are part of our industry’s massive wave of data-driven relationship building tools. This month’s edition featured Liveclicker and their scalable, real-time personalization technology. We had the opportunity to chat… Read more »

5 Things Every Email Marketer Should Do Before Deploying an Email

It’s almost time. You’ve checked the copy, perfected the design, tested the email and reviewed the query. And now, it’s finally time to deploy the email.  Here at BrightWave, we rely on our technical campaign managers to deploy emails for some of the best brands around like Chick-fil-A, Credit Karma, HD Supply and more. This team is imperative to our process since they’re the last… Read more »

Personalization and Privacy in the Financial Industry

There are few things people care more about keeping private than the details of their personal finances. So when banking entered the digital world, there were major concerns around privacy, data and how customers could know their information was secure.  Today, there are more digital tools and opportunities for people and their money than ever. Thanks to financial institution apps like My Synovus and Chase… Read more »

The Rising Tide: Get to Know Iterable

It’s important to choose partners with growing technologies and innovative offerings. That’s why BrightWave created The Rising Tide, a monthly series that educates our team about the latest offerings and capabilities of our technology partners. This month’s edition provided just that as we hosted Iterable, a growth marketing platform helping brands like Spotify, Zillow and DoorDash create, execute and optimize campaigns that power engagement in… Read more »