Ansira’s Chief CRM & Martech Officer Explains the Parallels of Machine Learning & Marketing Automation

A new age of artificial intelligence has entered the digital marketing world in the form of machine learning. With an abundance of data at our fingertips, machine learning uses this information to give marketers a strong indication of what the next best action or appropriate message is. In a recent article, Kelly Jo Sands, Chief CRM and Martech Officer of Ansira, put this all into… Read more »

The Rising Tide: Get to Know Cordial

It’s time for another edition of the partner spotlight series we call The Rising Tide. We’re particularly excited about this edition because it’s all about Cordial, an eCRM platform that rejects outdated and redundant martech practices to drive best-in-class customer experiences. This week, we had the opportunity to chat with Justin Soni, the Head of Sales Engineering at Cordial. He told us a bit about… Read more »

BrightWave Talks with Really Good Emails About Chick-fil-A’s Highly Personalized Email Program

Our friends at Really Good Emails launched a new video series, Feedback Friday, where they dive into the hurdles that great emails have to overcome to stand out in the inbox. In their latest episode, the BrightWave team gave a behind the scenes look into client Chick-fil-A’s highly personalized email program. Hear insights from VP, Creative Director Laura Sullivan and QA Analyst Michelle Littles on… Read more »

Test, Test, 1… 2… 3

Email marketing is an excellent channel for action-based tactics and results oriented strategy. After each campaign, marketers are able to get quick pulse checks on success with early results like Open Rates, Click Through Rates and other data. And, success builds over time with attribution happening days, weeks and even months after an email deploys. But what if the results could have been even better?… Read more »

Reimagining Reengagement

You don’t have to spend long in the email industry before you hear mention of re-engagement or winback campaigns. Most marketers would likely tell you these are synonymous and their general goal is to elicit engagement from subscribers who have exceeded a defined time period —often a maximum of 12 months—  without opening or clicking an email. That was the case once upon a time,… Read more »

The Key to Success is… Data!

Data is produced all the time. It is an asset that can be a barrier if not used at all or if used inefficiently. The more data knowledge available, the better business decisions can be made. For any strategist or marketer, the health of the data and a good number of usable data points are key to creating better strategies, targeting more engaged audiences with… Read more »

EiQ Speaker Spotlight: Anand Thaker of IntelliPhi

We’re kicking off our EiQ Speaker Spotlight series with Anand Thaker, a co-collaborator of the MarTech landscape and Founder/CEO of IntelliPhi. In our “Mapping the Email Ecosystem” session, Anand will bring his extensive MarTech knowledge while co-presenter and email analyst David Daniels offers nearly three decades of experience to this sessions. The two will map the various technology solutions that can help you solve the… Read more »

EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Roger Barnette of MessageGears

EiQ 2019 (quite literally) wouldn’t be possible without our fellow email geeks and without our wonderfully passionate email sponsors! MessageGears combines the power and security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of cloud delivery. With extraordinary data integration and impressively tight security, MessageGears is built for data-driven enterprise marketers–a breed of marketing professional sure to be well-represented at EiQ. On top of sponsoring… Read more »

EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Sean Butler of Validity

The demand for relevant, data-driven content has never been higher. As such, it can sometimes feel like an email marketer is only as good as their best data. Validity Inc. makes software solutions that help verify a wide range of organizations’ data integrity. Validitiy’s tools, DemandTools, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport and BriteVerify, enable marketers to efficiently perform complex data cleansing tasks which can lead to better decision-making… Read more »

EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Katie White of Movable Ink

The countdown to EiQ 2019 is officially on– 22 days to be exact! And that means it’s time to start sharing some of our EiQ Sponsor Spotlight interviews. We thought we’d kick things off with one of our moving-and-shakingest sponsors: Movable Ink We recently had a great Q and A with Katie White, Movable Ink’s Associate Director of Client Strategy. Before landing at Movable Ink… Read more »

The Rising Tide: Get to Know Courtney Shaffer Lovold from Emarsys

It’s no secret that the right tech partners make us stronger. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole event series to them that’s known around here as The Rising Tide. Once a month, we invite one of our partners to the office to give them a chance to show off their latest tools and capabilities and generally talk shop (and hit up the office kegerator) with… Read more »

The Rising Tide: An Interview with Will Devlin from MessageGears

This month’s edition of The Rising Tide featured our technology partner MessageGears, an Atlanta-based company that finds cutting-edge solutions for building data-driven email programs on a super-sized scale. They call themselves a hybrid email marketing platform for enterprise organizations because of the highly flexible model they use to consolidate Big Data.    We recently interviewed Will Devlin, senior director of marketing for MessageGears, about email,… Read more »

How to Derive Insights from a Mess of Data

In a recent blog post, we explained just how important reporting is to any marketing campaign. All the numbers and data collected from marketing efforts tell a story, but often there is too much noise to find the important information. In email marketing specifically, hundreds of thousands of data points are created with each mailing. Not all of this data is actually useful and it… Read more »

It’s Not You, It’s Them (Really, It’s All About Them…)

The concept of the sales funnel is well-ingrained in any marketer’s brain. We all ask ourselves how each initiative put into market is going to impact the bottom line. At the end of the day, we’re all beholden to the almighty dollar. But therein lies the problem at the heart of the funnel model. It’s all about US. How can WE make money? How can… Read more »

Thinking Outside the Inbox

Carefully curated strategy within email will only get you so far. Rather than the end-game, it’s more of an entry point from which a customer has to take another action (clicking) to then complete the desired conversion. Whether it be a purchase, event registration, file download or other action, the email is often only the first step of many in the customer’s journey. A disconnect… Read more »

Prepping the Attribution Funnel: Link Tagging

In a recent blog post, we began to scratch the surface of the wealth of information available in Google Analytics. It may seem strange to focus so much on web behavior when email is our channel. But, most emails seek to do one thing: elicit that elusive click. And then what? Where does the subscriber go? What do they do? Developing a link tagging structure… Read more »

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Change in ESPs

Our friends at Litmus have recently published some fascinating research on email service providers (ESPs), complete with handy tips for anyone hoping to level up their relevancy game. Back in August, they outlined some tips for crafting a better ESP RFP. Now, they’re taking a closer look at the challenges a company can expect to face once they’re in the process of switching. Considering more… Read more »