Simms Jenkins Talks Company Growth with Jason Swenk

A growing company is a great problem to have. More clients means a bigger bottom line, but it also means more employees. Are you prepared to handle your internal team effectively? Do you know when you need to hire a human resources professional? What about a president? Simms explains when he filled these two positions and why. Check out Jason Swenk’s full blog post here.

Awesome Email Content: 5 Fail-Proof Hacks

As email marketers, we are often served up content from other channels, like photography from a menu, a print coupon from a circular or a CEO’s “hilarious” cat video. Bottom line: it’s not always riveting email content. Our job is to make it sing, to make it “email-perfect” no matter where it came from. Since we’ve made lemonade more than a few times over here… Read more »

The Evolution of Emoji in Subject Lines

Love ’em or hate ’em, emoji have probably sneaked into your text messages at some point over the recent years. As they say, a little cartoon poop is worth a thousand words. (Or, you know, something like that.) And as email marketers, the question on our minds in the face of a trend is always, “What does this mean for email?” Sure enough, a few… Read more »

Inbox Audit: Uber’s Local Effort (& Email) Show Its Superpowers

Uber is an unrivaled master of what we’ll call “stunt marketing.” In New York, they delivered kittens to their top users’ doorsteps for 15 minutes of surprise cuddling on National Cat Day. When they launched their Hampton’s service, they offered helicopter rides from NYC—hail-able via the app. While we admire all these creative antics as marketers, we certainly love it most when they use their… Read more »

8 Email Truths From a Word Nerd

The Litmus Email Design Conference in Boston a few weeks back was an exciting meeting of the minds—the gathering of a true community of people who write, create, design and build email day in and day out. It was an Email Nerd Convention of the highest order. The best part of the conference is that it is so darn actionable. Most everyone seems to leave… Read more »

4 Steps to a Tight Creative Brief (& Great Creative)

  “Give me the freedom of a tight brief.” – David Ogilvy When reviewing our successful campaigns here at BrightWave, often the biggest factor in our level of success or failure is something pretty surprising: the project brief. It seems like such a simple thing…define your audience, your goals and your measurement of success. That’s it. But the devil is in the details. A broad or… Read more »

Litmus Conference Takeaway: Optimizing (Sometimes Awful) Content for Email

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3324" src="" alt="5 email hacks" width="600" height="400" srcset="×200@2x.jpg 600w, http://www.brightwave celebrex 200×200.jpg 300w,×240.jpg 360w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” /> Today, at the Litmus Email Design Conference, I’m speaking about ways to take content from other channels, like social, blog posts and print, and retrofit it for the inbox—in other words, ways to make it email-perfect. If you were there—hot dang—I… Read more »

2015’s Fastest-Growing and Most Valuable Email Marketing Companies

In the fourth edition of his annual review, BrightWave CEO Simms Jenkins highlights the most impactful companies in the email space. There are two parts to his review. The first part lists the fastest-growing email companies, firms that primarily focus on email and made the 2015 Inc. 5000 list. The second part looks at publicly traded companies with a focus on email. BrightWave makes the cut again this… Read more »

Connecting Firmly to the Cloud

This year’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connections event was held in New York City, and it was a busy and informative week. Check out my takeaways below: -Product enhancements from the ESPs are all about expanding the cloud and not necessarily about improving the email functionality and bells and whistles. Then again, Connections may be the largest digital marketing event but it is not an email… Read more »