CEO Simms Jenkins to Speak at ReMix: The Denison Entrepreneurship Summit >

This week, CEO Simms Jenkins is headed to his alma mater, Denison University, to speak at its inaugural ReMix: The Denison Entrepreneurship Summit. The event will connect enterprising alumni with Denison University’s newest generation of entrepreneurs to help them learn, grow and achieve greatness.

A finalist for the “2018 Small Business Person of the Year, Experienced Entrepreneur” award, Jenkins will bring nearly two decades of entrepreneurial experience to the stage and share stories of successes and failures along the way. He will be a participant in two sessions, one on “Maximizing Growth” and the other on “The Importance of Personal Branding, Self-Awareness, and a Great Network.”

With interactive sessions intentionally designed to take attendees a little bit out of their comfort zone, ReMix: The Denison Entrepreneurship Summit is a great opportunity to help push students onto a path of growth and transformation. Learn more about this unique event here.

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