Maximizing a Frutiful Email Program for Edible Arrangements
BrightWave helped Edible Arrangements move to a more cost-effective platform while driving significant impact on their business and bottom line.
Supporting a New Website Launch with Email
When SiteOne launched a new website with eCommerce functionality, BrightWave helped educate its customer base with an engaging email series that saw real results and business impact.
ESP Migration, Well Done
With their future business goals in mind, BrightWave helped Char-Broil select an ESP and successfully transfer their entire email program to it with no interruption in customer communications.
Dynamic Content Drives Rewarding Behavior
BrightWave helped Synovus tell the story of their revamped credit cards with a highly dynamic email series that touched on seasonally relevant topics that paid off in a highly-rewarding way.
Smart Emails Made Brilliant With Progressive Profiling
By learning about subscribers’ interests, BrightWave helped deliver tailored, relevant emails to its subscribers to improve engagement.
Chick-fil-A One Mobile Device Targeting
BrightWave helped Chick-fil-A drive more downloads of their Chick-fil-A One app than ever.
Glove Experience Emails Hit Home
We turned thousands of renters into Mizuno email subscribers through experiential marketing.
Winback Email Program: Automation That Works
Sixty-three versions of emails and 150 queries resulted in a 117% lift in sales.
Holiday Gift Guide Stands Out with Unique Content
BrightWave drove down unsubscribes and drove up engagement and revenue by thinking creatively about holiday gift guides.