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This year, BrightWave partner Movable Ink sent their email rock stars on a world tour: The Email Transformation Tour. The 12-city tour, consisting of presentations, panels and more than a few happy hours, commenced in London back in January and ended right here in Atlanta last week.

If there was ever any doubt of Movable Ink’s status as an international force of email content enhancement and digital do-gooding, this tour has surely erased it. The cloud-based software company offers intelligent content-generating solutions that enable compelling, beautiful and timely email content. And every speaker on the Email Transformation Tour helped them further champion this cause with equal parts stunning email examples and practical marketing advice included in their presentations.

 As a key partner, we were more than happy to oblige when Movable Ink asked BrightWave to both speak at and attend their grand finale event here in Atlanta. BrightWave Vice President, Creative Director Laura Sullivan walked the tour attendees through several unique ways to integrate Movable technology and lots of other innovative design features into their email campaigns. With some help from our clients at Cox Media Group, she explained how we’re using Movable Ink to help Cox’s local newspapers bridge the gap between print and digital customers with live-updating newspaper imagery in certain subscriber communications. In addition to this real-life example, Sullivan also wowed the crowd with proof-of-concept examples of potential scenarios primed for Movable Ink technology.

The intimate, early evening event drew a great crowd including around 20 enthusiastic BrightWavers.

BrightWave Vice President of Customer Experience Rich Wilson said after the event, “We’re very fortunate to have Movable Ink as a collaborative partner in transforming inbox experiences. Being a part of the Email Transformation Tour has been a fantastic opportunity to meet other partners and continue sharing ideas on how to make brands more relevant using permission-gated media like email.”

#EmailGeek parties like this one (ahem, have you signed up for EiQ 2018 yet?) are just kind of the jam around here. Needless to say, we’re already getting excited thinking about Movable Ink’s next world tour.

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