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As human beings, and to lesser degree marketers, COVID-19 has presented unprecedented changes for the brand experience. Consumers are living through a real-time commerce transformation, where business models are moving fast to capture more sales via ecommerce, ensuring their supply chain is seamless online and the communications to all stakeholders (customers, prospects, partners, franchisees) is flawless.

Overnight, this seismic shift required the brand experience to be as strong in the digital world as it would be visiting a physical storefront or interacting with one of their salespeople in a more traditional fashion. A business can no longer adapt direct mail or banner ads and blast them to a list. Digital transformation calls for data-driven, cross-channel personalization and messaging. And email, for most consumers, sits in the middle of how they interact with the brands they are loyal to and want to do business with.

The email marketing, eCRM services and technology landscape is a complicated one to navigate and filled with strong vendors, acquisitive marketing clouds and dynamic companies tackling new inbox and omni-channel experiences. These experiences are designed to be orchestrated in near real-time, relying on precision data, best-of-breed technology, brilliant strategies and flawless execution.

Bottom line: email drives revenue. And, in many cases, brands that lack eCRM and MarTech readiness are leaving tremendous amounts of money on the table due to underinvesting in their email program. Accenture reports the optimal mix of technologies could save large companies up to $16 billion.

According to IDC, before COVID-19 global spending on cloud services and infrastructure was expected to reach $370 billion by 2022. Yet Gartner says marketers utilize only 58% of their MarTech stack’s potential. Additionally, investment remains fragmented across leading cloud providers points solutions as MarTech teams increasingly take a “best-of-breed” approach to selecting new technologies. In fact, 57% of marketers prefer to build their stack through various solutions from different providers.


BrightWave, an Ansira company, has been laser-focused on helping some of the best brands in the world lean into a data-first, technology-enabled mindset. By building and scaling email and eCRM programs across a myriad of complex industries spanning both B2B and B2C organizations, BrightWave has proven that email is a staple of great marketing. Nothing rivals it in terms of effectiveness, results and ROI for all marketers across the globe and for companies from SMB to mid-market to enterprise scale.

Clients that invested in the spectrum of Strategy, Technology, Creative and Campaign Management pre-COVID-19 found themselves in a position to best navigate this new global reality and the results speak for themselves.

These three companies are driving growth in unprecedented times:

  • Who: A leading brick and mortar/eCommerce brand
  • What: Increased email channel revenue by 155% and campaign conversion rate by 232%
  • How: Re-architecting their eCRM program both strategically and wholesale technology changes


  • Who: eCommerce and retail product company
  • What: Drove a 676% increase in new subscriber acquisition
  • How: Program redesign and data optimization


  • Who: Enterprise B2B distribution company
  • What: Generated $1,000,000 in net new revenue from a newly launched program while generating 10,000+ new accounts
  • How: Segmented and personalized lead nurturing execution


Now more than ever, brands need to understand the value of owned data and how to create meaningful, relevant and personalized experiences across the digital spectrum. Email and eCRM marketing will continue to be the most critical business-driving marketing channel and the must-have digital transformation centerpiece. Brands of all sizes must accelerate their respective investment in eCRM readiness, MarTech infrastructure and the enablement of communication.

“Evolving customer behaviors and preferences” was a key driver of digital transformation for top organizations, according to the 2019 Altimeter “State of Digital Transformation” survey. If COVID-19 has proven how resilient consumers across the world are, brands must deliver on their promise as well. Truth is, COVID-19 will forever change eCRM marketing for the better.

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