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BrightWave’s newest email event, Edge of the Inbox, is kicking off in Dallas, TX tomorrow. This gathering is focused on all things email innovation and wouldn’t be complete without sponsors like 250ok that are just as edgy. 

250ok’s email analytics platform brings marketers advanced insights into email deliverability, design, sender reputation, fraud protection and consumer engagement. Learn more about their unique products, what’s on their roadmap for 2020 and why they love being a part of BrightWave hosted events in our recent Q&A:


What makes your product unique and interesting?

For businesses where email performance is crucial to business performance, we provide the critical data and insights serious email senders need to monitor and improve their email channel. In the past, serious senders would need several vendors to provide data on deliverability, design testing and list validation, and it would come to them in silos; but at 250ok, we’ve built all of those features in-house. The platform now includes email address validation, email design previews, inbox placement and reputation data (deliverability), DMARC monitoring, real-time engagement analytics, and custom alerts. 


What are you excited about in the email space?

We are excited about the potential for making use of vast marketing data. We anticipate more data partnerships (that do not violate personally identifying information or PII) among mailbox providers, senders, and third-party solutions like 250ok. By collaborating and sharing data, we expect AI-powered and machine learning automation to dramatically optimize and scale the way senders leverage data to predict, segment, and target their customers – to the significant value of both senders and recipients.


Why did your company decide to be a part of Edge of the Inbox?

We decided to be part of Edge of the Inbox because it’s a forum we believe in. We believe in the work BrightWave is doing for its customers, in delivering value in the form of thought leadership and products to make email better. We want to be part of the conversation about the future of email, to listen to the best minds in our industry, and share in the effort to push the boundaries on what email can deliver.


Tell us something you are gearing up for in 2020.

We are gearing up to roughly double in size in 2020, but merely doubling in size is not our objective. What we are excited about is our growth due to helping our customers’ email channel drive stronger customer experience and ROI. We’re gearing up to evangelize the power of email data around the globe and we’re proud to deepen our partnerships with companies who do the same.


Want to join the brightest minds in the industry at Edge of the Inbox? Save your spot here while there’s still space.

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