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In just two days, we’re hosting our first ever Edge of the Inbox event. Dallas’s most digital-savvy marketers will get a taste of our EiQ conference at this event with a unique attendee experience and game-changing content from speakers at Brinker International, Southwest Airlines, Sally Beauty and more.

Attendees will also have the chance to meet our innovative, industry-leading sponsors like Cordial, a company that enables marketers to send cross-channel messages powered by real-time data. In case you can’t make this gathering, we’ve got you covered with this recent Q&A with their team: 


What makes your product unique and interesting?

Cordial is built on real-time data to drive real-time personalization of email and other messages (SMS, Mobile PUSH & In-App, and Social Audiences) all at send time.

For Cordial, real-time means seconds, as customers are continually generating relevant and actionable data 24/7 from myriad sources. Cordial collects and activates that real-time customer data–from their website, apps, social media, point-of-sale platforms, messaging behavior–to provide deeper 1:1 personalization at the exact time the message is sent.

We provide non-technical marketers with flexible, visually-intuitive interfaces for orchestrating the customer journey and for composing graphically-rich messages without a need HTML, CSS, or other scripting languages. Cordial also provides technical, digital-first brands with a full suite of APIs and tools to programmatically build campaigns, orchestrations, and methods to extend and enrich their customer data.

A fashion retailer, for example, can combine real-time customer data and preferences with every element of their product catalog–not just brand, but fabric, color, and other technical specifications. At send time, retailers can combine that data with inventory status, weather, or promotions to build a truly unique (and often fully automated) email that is proven to generate incremental revenue. We also allow marketers to use Cordial to automate the segments generated (down to the individual) to be distributed to other advertising and marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google.

In addition to the (unlimited) client data we store and activate, Cordial provides flexible, visually-intuitive interfaces for orchestrating the customer journey and for composing graphically-rich messages without knowing HTML, CSS, or other scripting languages. These tools allow marketers to automate and expand their canvas for triggered, transactional, and promotional messaging all in one platform, eliminating the need for point solutions.

Finally, because of the tools we’ve developed for clients to bring data into Cordial, we drastically reduce onboarding time, so that new clients are sending in a matter of weeks as opposed to months with other solutions. Time-to-send + flexible UIs = faster time-to-value and immediate ROI, and we hope the last migration a marketer will ever make in email.


What are you excited about in the email space?

We are very excited to see brands actually harness their customer data in real time to create ubiquitous brand experiences that are cohesive at all points of customer interaction. Email is one of the most prominent spokes on that hub of interaction. We’ve proven that 1:1 is not only possible at scale, but also highly performant. We also aspire to empower brands to further tune those 1:1 conversations with greater fluency and context. Think of it as a future state of “_digital empathy_”


Why did your company decide to be a part of Edge of the Inbox?

We can’t wait to meet new faces in Dallas! We love to hear first hand the successes and challenges marketers face.


Tell us something you are gearing up for in 2020.

We have three key things we are excited about from a product innovation perspective in 2020:

  1. Predictive analytics which will suggest channels and segments, making the marketers job even easier.
  2. Deeper enterprise roles and responsibilities to help manage more complex workflows and brand governance requirements.
  3. Version 2 of our Experiments feature which uses machine learning to choose between the best performing personalized elements.


There’s still time to join our team at Edge of the Inbox. Save your spot here while there’s still space.


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