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Maximizing a Fruitful Email Program for Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements specializes in fresh fruit arrangements, with over 1,200 store locations in 11 countries. With the majority of orders placed through their website, e‑commerce also plays a major role in the company’s business model. As the primary channel for creating repeat e‑commerce business, email is a critical driver of customer engagement, loyalty and, ultimately, incremental revenue.

Edible Arrangements partnered with BrightWave to lead, advise and manage their eCRM and email programs. The goal was to move to a more cost-effective platform while driving significant business impact. And BrightWave delivered.


Because Edible Arrangements didn’t have an in-house team of email experts, an immediate challenge was navigating an inefficient legacy contract with Edible Arrangements’ current email service provider (ESP). The platform was not only expensive, but also overloaded with tools and features that weren’t being leveraged. Also, the ESP wasn’t fully serving the user through true integrated, multichannel campaign orchestration.


BrightWave’s plan included robust segmentation to leverage high-value, email-exclusive offers for both short- and long-term revenue opportunities. With this new strategy in mind, we helped Edible Arrangements identify and implement an ESP that supported all of their business with robust campaign orchestration, data management and tagging capabilities. It also set the organization up to save a substantial amount of money and allowed BrightWave to reconstruct all facets of their campaign lifecycles.

Next came implementation. With Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day—two of Edible Arrangements’ busiest holidays—right around the corner, the team had a small window to ensure IP warming went off without a hitch. During this 9-week timeframe, BrightWave established a flawless IP reputation on the new ESP, provided a clean database ecosystem for future campaigns and maintained Edible Arrangements’ high campaign volume, all while deploying from two ESPs simultaneously.


Together, BrightWave and Edible Arrangements turned strategies into quick-to-market tactics that are already making an impact.


The fruits
of our labor

Together, BrightWave and Edible Arrangements turned strategies into quick-to-market tactics that are already making an impact on Edible Arrangements’ bottom line. For one, BrightWave positioned Edible Arrangements to cut their ESP costs in half. This allowed them to reinvest the savings back into their email strategy.

Additionally, Edible Arrangements saw impactful results shortly after the successful ESP migration with BrightWave at the helm. Their Mother’s Day email campaign saw a 175% increase in online orders from the previous year. The cherry (or strawberry) on top? They exceeded their Mother’s Day revenue goals by 45%.

BrightWave has been an outstanding strategic partner for Aflac, helping us optimize our complicated, multi-dimensional email programs. As a result, we’ve taken immediate action that positively impacts our business.

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