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After receiving dozens of nominations for our inaugural EiQ awards, we’re excited to announce the finalists for ‘The Whiz’ and ‘The Maverick.’ Read on to learn more about these email rockstars and why they’re the best at what they do. Also, don’t miss our mini awards show where we’ll announce the winners during the best day in email on April 19th.


The Maverick

This is a person that’s a seasoned email leader. They’re working hard to push the limits of what can be done in the inbox and inspiring others to deliver better email experiences. And it’s about time they were recognized for it.


Mary Abrahamson | Email Marketing Manager, Ferguson

Why she’s an Email Maverick: Mary’s entire career in email marketing has been dedicated to something a bit different than most — she’s made it her mission to get email a seat at Ferguson’s table. This effort required transforming the thought process of their internal associates—from sales positions to their CEO—on the importance of email, how it heightens their customers’ experiences with Ferguson, and how it will drive their company forward into a B2B digital age.

Jen Capstraw | Founder, Women of Email

Why she’s an Email Maverick: Mavericks are natural risk-takers and it takes courage to challenge the status quo. Whether it’s questioning email industry best practices or the gender imbalance among email thought leaders, Jen doesn’t hesitate to gather facts, form a point of view, and take action when she sees an opportunity to influence positive change.

Heather Moran | Digital Marketing Manager, Synovus

Why she’s an Email Maverick: Heather has worked in completely disparate industries, company sizes, audiences, and across different levels from production to strategy. She’s overseen the successes of large scale, global strategic CRM programs. At Synovus, she’s doubled the volume of emails sent to customers while increasing relevance/engagement through two new email streams including a customer welcome and retention series.

Matt Lattanzio | Digital Marketing Manager, Weight Watchers Canada

Why he’s an Email Maverick: Matt pushes the boundaries of what is possible in email. Since joining Weight Watchers Canada in 2016, he’s completely revamped their email marketing strategy. He challenges traditional campaigns, focusing rather on personalization and using data to enrich his customers’ experiences.

Seth Weisfeld | Product Manager, Growth Traffic, Pinterest

Why he’s an Email Maverick: Seth brings a visionary leadership to one of the largest B2C email programs in the world. His team at Pinterest is leading the charge to bring interactive email to the everyday inbox experience for transactional/personalized notifications, redefining how emails are built and what the content and design should be.

Tara Clark | Sr. Director of Email, Zillow

Why she’s an Email Maverick: Tara dazzles with cool and useful emails that make email work at scale. Running a large team that is equal part engineering and marketing genius, she has built one of the industry’s best email programs and has no signs of slowing down.



The Whiz

This is a person that’s already achieving awesome things in the world of digital marketing—whether strategic planning or in the trenches—this person is making inbox magic happen. But you’re sure that this is only the beginning for them. They’ll shine even brighter as they get more involved in the industry.


Analisa Capote | Email Marketing Specialist, Ramsey Solutions

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Analisa is constantly looking for ways to improve the email process at her company. She loves to use ampscript and spreadsheets to send emails dynamically so that she has more bandwidth to handle more emails and develop strategy for email growth within her business units.

Nida Chaudhry | Direct Marketing Coordinator, Atlanta Hawks

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Nida changed the way the Atlanta Hawks organization viewed email marketing as a whole. She wanted to prove that email marketing has evolved overtime and that it’s no longer as simple as sending the same email to all. She’s also automated their email campaigns where possible, setting up triggered-based emails for the first time in company history, and segmented their subscribers.

Carly Maddock | Associate Manager, Enterprise Digital Marketing, Darden Restaurants

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Carly manages a team of 6 that is responsible for 8 brands’ email communications to list sizes of over 6 million, implementing new email best practices as they come into play. She rolled out the use of templates, dynamic content, and versioning, allowing brands to personalize content utilizing first party data and save a lot of money in the process.

Brittany Siefert | Marketing, Chick-fil-A

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Brittany is an asset to the Chick-fil-A email program. Not only is she amazing at disseminating key goals, opportunities and priorities to internal parties at Chick-fil-A, she innately understands the larger email strategy, working with the BrightWave team to keep pushing for a better, more dynamic program. Since Brittany started leading email, there’s been a noticeable difference in the product and the process. She is a huge differentiator for the Chick-fil-A email program.

Caitlin Ratchford | Project Manager, Interactive Advertising, The Home Depot

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Caitlin is the project manager for all CRM at the Home Depot. She is part of a team of interactive advertising – Pro responsible for 130 campaigns per year. Caitlin has leveraged advanced API integrations and implemented campaigns with Movable Ink and IBM’s Interact to deliver highly personalized content to millions of subscribers. She has taken Home Depot’s real-time data use to the next level and revamped their Pro members statement to make it more automated and accurate at the time-of-open.

Yin Li | Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Kabbage

Why she’s an Email Whiz: Yin is invaluable in her role at Kabbage, defining the overall strategy for the email program. She has the ability to understand what is needed to support the business, and how that should be translated to the email space for support. Additionally, Yin understands the technology components needed to make the email program smarter, more robust and more personalized to create a more engaging customer experience.

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