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We’re kicking off our EiQ Speaker Spotlight series with Anand Thaker, a co-collaborator of the MarTech landscape and Founder/CEO of IntelliPhi.

In our “Mapping the Email Ecosystem” session, Anand will bring his extensive MarTech knowledge while co-presenter and email analyst David Daniels offers nearly three decades of experience to this sessions. The two will map the various technology solutions that can help you solve the email problems of the day.

As if we weren’t pumped enough about this sure-to-be EiQ highlight, our interview with Anand has us looking even more forward to his presentation in a few short weeks.


What do you get excited about in the email world?

The continued innovation on email: orchestration, content evolution, richness of data insights, and its part in serving as connective medium of other channels.

What part of an email is the most important to drive success and why?

Understand the asynchronous and ‘low-cost’ nature of email– we need to invest in respecting the customer while balancing the experience.

What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

The email industry has been around for a long time. Before making your mark, find your Chi. No seriously. There are so many elements of email so it’s worth taking time to cave out to listen to your customers, learn from actual, learn analytics and have fun working with data. Always be a recipient of your own brand’s email experience so that you can empathize the experience as a professional and develop an intuition.

Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program? What do you like about their email program?

Charity Water. I was introduced to them when we supported them at Silverpop. Both becoming engaged and impressed with the team and orchestration efforts, I found how they engaged the community and their patrons set a bar for any causes non-profit or otherwise.

What ideas are you excited about sharing at EiQ?

The larger landscape of marketing technology and why email still remains a strong medium in the arena of shiny objects. Also, touching on the growing importance of data and how AI is elevating (not replacing) email professionals.

From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

Great question. I’ve always been passionate about the intersection of people, data and money. Fifteenish years ago, I was in the utility / energy industry developing and selling software along with consulting. Relationships are everything. Marketing was more about sales support. When I started in marketing, the challenge was to first connect the website experience to support sales intelligence. Next email was the natural next medium to broaden our communication. However, to respect the relationships and reputation we had in the industry, I had to make the content rich and relevant from the beginning. I’ve held on to that ever since.

We’re really excited about our 2 new EiQ awards, The Whiz & The Maverick. Who in the business world has inspired you? Are there any email geeks that come to mind?

Warren Buffett. He was both a whiz and a maverick. He actually acts intelligently and patiently to earn resilient returns for himself and the people around him– what? Seriously, he inspires humility which to me are attributed to the best email and marketing leaders.

As for email geeks,  any my old fellow Silverpoppers who are out there elevating their new companies and client brands!

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

Growing up in the metro area, it’s the diverse backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles and personalities of Atlantans.


Want to hear Anand’s deep insights? Grab your ticket to EiQ before registration closes this Friday!

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