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Today marks exactly 8 weeks until the best day in email. So far on our EiQ to-do list, we’ve checked off sourcing an awesome venue, creating an incredible agenda, and announcing an amazing initial speaker lineup. Among this line up of email rockstars from top brands like Chick-fil-A, Char-Broil, Litmus, and AARP, to name a few, is Leah Hopke.

As AARP’s Senior Advisor of Email Marketing, Leah develops and optimizes a range of email campaigns to maintain active AARP email subscribers and members. These email campaigns comprise of everything from comprehensive trigger programs to subscription-based newsletters.

Check out our recent Q&A with Leah where she shares advice to newcomers to the email industry, what she’s hyped about sharing at EiQ, and how she ended up in email.


What do you get excited about in the email world?

Successful email marketing programs produce tangible results. It’s amazing to see the positive impact that you can have on your subscribers and your customers when you deliver relevant and valuable content through email.

What part of an email is the most important to drive success and why?

The content is the most important. A well-designed email with non-relevant content will miss the mark with your target audience.

What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

Don’t be afraid to take risks, and sometimes fail, in order to push your email marketing program to new levels.

Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program?

I love receiving emails from PureWow. The design is clean and simple, and there is always at least one relevant article that speaks to me.

From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

I started my career in an integrated marketing role, focusing on both offline and online marketing channels. The fast-pace and ever-changing digital landscape excited me, and I decided to move over to focus specifically on email marketing about 2.5 years ago.

What are you excited about during your trip to Atlanta?

I’m excited for sunny, spring weather and to explore the Buckhead neighborhood.


Come soak up the sunny weather in Hotlanta this April at our unique, cutting-edge one day email conference and register for EiQ here.

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