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We’re simply tickled pink at the wide world of possibilities when it comes to data-powered marketing. So tickled, in fact, that we’ve dedicated one of our early EiQ 2018 sessions to the topic, “Unicorn or Octopus: Getting Your Arms Around Customer Data.”

Lindsay Brothers, Product Manager at Indeed, is a master of data-driven email programs. Her team takes on the impressive task of delivering personalized job alerts to about a gazillion job seekers on behalf of the world’s #1 job site. We had the chance to pick her magnificent brain in the days leading up to EiQ 2018 so we’ve rounded up all her best email career tips below.


What do you love about working in email?

I love how friendly everyone in email is! I think because we’re natural communicators, email conferences are the best.

What part of an email is the most important to drive success and why?

Relevancy. That includes subject line and content. Is this what the reader is looking for? If the email is plain text, but super relevant, readers will engage.

What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

Subscribe to lots of email newsletters! Explore what you like and don’t like, and learn from your favorites.

Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program?

I love travel email: Scott’s Cheap Flights, Airbnb, Travelzoo. The photos always make me want to plan my next trip!

What ideas are you excited about sharing at EiQ?

I’ll be talking about how Indeed leverages massive amounts of data in order to drive email engagement in “Unicorn or Octopus? Getting Your Arms Around Customer Data.”

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

I’ve never been to Atlanta before. I’m looking forward to trying the food; I’ve heard such great things!

From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

I started in marketing at a startup, and then moved into product management with a focus on growth/acquisition. Email is a very powerful tool and I love using it to help people get jobs at Indeed.

We’re really excited about our 2 new EiQ awards, The Whiz & The Maverick. Who in the email world has inspired you?

I’m excited to hear Justine Jordan speak! I met her at Litmus Live and she is definitely one of those very friendly email folks I mentioned!


With speakers from data change agents like Lindsay to email production and process MacGyvers like Justine, you can’t afford to miss the best day in email in less than two weeks. Get your ticket while they’re still available!

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