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The EiQ vision is “a unique, cutting-edge conference focused on email marketing trends and innovations.” With mind blowing sessions like #Trending: Edge of the Inbox and unconventional speakers like Liz Zaretsky of Hillary for America, the best day in email is sure to deliver on its vision.

Liz Zaretsky works with progressive political groups and candidates to raise money online in smarter, more honest ways. Her impressive resume includes Senior Email Fundraising Strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign– where Liz helped raise over $330 million online and invited over 3 million people to enter a contest to have dinner with Hillary Clinton– and Email Strategist and Writer at the Democratic National Committee and on President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Check out Liz’s thoughts on everything from successful email campaigns to successful email careers in this week’s EiQ speaker spotlight.


What do you get excited about in the email world?

It’s cool to be a part of something that moves and changes so quickly that once you’re sure you know everything, you’re already behind. It keeps you humble.

What part of an email is the most important to drive success and why?

An email can’t be successful if the recipient doesn’t understand why they’re receiving it. So, the important thing is that at the heart of it, there’s a reason to send it, a reason to send it now, and a reason to send it to that person in particular. If you can show those three aspects, you’re on the right track. If you can’t, you should probably reconsider.

What advice do you have for newcomers to the email industry?

Nothing will serve you better than attention to detail. Not just in writing and production, but when you’re thinking through testing and analytics and user experience, having the details on hand of what those processes look like and what you’ve already done will make a measurable difference in your success.

Who is a brand that you think does a great job with their email program?

I say this all the time, but 8tracks — where users can make themed playlists and share them — has the best email program because it’s so unexpected. Their emails are different every time: a little story, a cool playlist I might want to listen to, a fun fact about my listening history. And while it’s personalized based on my tastes, it’s never showy or overbearing. It’s just really, really cool. Shout out to whoever is running that program.

What ideas are you excited about sharing at EiQ?

I think email checklists and production processes can be really frustrating to a lot of people, but really, they’re such a good opportunity to get people at every level personally invested in the program that you’re running.

What’s your favorite thing about Atlanta?

I’m determined to make it out to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights — it’s been on my list for years. But really, Atlanta is just a really cool, interesting, welcoming city.

From a career standpoint, how did you end up in email?

I fell into it, as everyone did. I was interning on the social and blog team at the Obama 2012 headquarters, and I really wanted a job. There wasn’t a role open in what I was doing, but there was an incredibly junior position on email. I took it, knew nothing, learned a ton, and never looked back.

We’re really excited about our 2 new EiQ awards, The Whiz & The Maverick. Who in the business world has inspired you?

Everyone I know works in political email, which is kind of a weird beast! But Amanda Litman taught me everything I know, and even now that she’s transitioned into something else, has been a kind and thoughtful mentor. And Kaitlin Juleus at Blue State Digital has been a powerhouse in nonprofit email over at Blue State Digital.


We’re excited to have fellow email powerhouse Liz participate in the “Email Production Process & Hacks” session. Make sure you’ve secured your ticket so you don’t miss this sure to be EiQ highlight on April 19th in the email capital of The South.

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